UK competition watchdog to probe fashion retailers over greenwashing


The UK’s competition watchdog has launched investigations into three fashion brands over their eco-friendly and sustainability claims, following a review into claims of greenwashing in the clothing industry.

The Competition and Markets Authority on Friday said it was probing statements by Asos, Boohoo and Asda’s George brand about the green-friendly nature of their fashion products, including clothing, footwear and accessories.

The probe was sparked by a CMA review in January that it said had “identified concerns around potentially misleading green claims” by some UK fashion retailers.

“These included a number of companies creating the impression that their products were ‘sustainable’ or better for the environment — for example by making broad claims about the use of recycled materials in new clothing — with little to no information about the basis for those claims. or exactly which products they related to,” the watchdog said.

The CMA said that eco-friendly language used by the retailers was “too broad and vague, and may create the impression that clothing collections — such as the ‘Responsible edit’ from Asos, Boohoo’s current ‘Ready for the Future’ range, and ‘ George for Good’ — are more environmentally sustainable than they actually are”.

Asos said it would co-operate with the CMA investigation, and added that it was “committed to playing its part in making fashion more sustainable”.

Asda and Boohoo have been contacted for comment.


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