Vapes May Contain Dangerous ‘Nice Guy’ Drugs, THC – Israel Ministry of Health


Israel’s Health Ministry has warned in a second that e-cigarettes sold at kiosks, on social media and on the Internet may contain fillers including “Nice Guy” and the psychoactive drug THC. Official warning about electric cigarettes Contains substances that may pose a risk to public health.

Synthetic drugs called ADB-BUTINACA and MDMB-4en-Pinaca, both of Handsome Guy Synthetic Drugs “Family”, are identified in these products. According to experts, it is illegal, highly dangerous, powerful and addictive and has caused teenage deaths and hospitalizations in other countries around the world.

They can also trigger mental and physical effects, including psychotic disorders, psychosis, anxiety and panic attacks. Severe effects on the brain: cerebral edema; Kidney damage Heart damage and bleeding in the digestive system. Mixing “Nice Guy” drugs in e-cigarette liquid can greatly increase the chance of using the drug, as it causes a large amount of toxic substance to be taken, the ministry warned.

What does the Israeli Ministry of Health warn about vaping?

He stated that tobacco is dangerous to health and emphasized that all tobacco products should be avoided. But the ministry is particularly concerned about ingesting liquids and products containing dangerous substances, including “Nice Guy” and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). A major psychoactive component of cannabis. These are officially recognized as dangerous drugs by the Israeli authorities and are forbidden to use – but they are easily available due to the lack of enforcement.

E-cigarettes can also contain the fatty vitamin E, tocopherol, which uncontrolled use can cause serious lung damage and has killed people in the US.

E-cigarette. (Credit: PXHERE)

These products are legally sold under the names “RM PREMIUM”, “Snoop Dogg” and “Fume ORJOY”. Another electronic cigarette is marketed without a label. Samples were tested at the toxicological laboratory of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

Nicotine – the active ingredient in tobacco products such as regular cigarettes and cigars – speeds up the heart rate and raises blood pressure. The Ministry concluded by asking anyone who identified, purchased or was affected by the use of such products to contact the Department of Enforcement and Control at Kol Habriut’s hotline (5400*) or email address.

Meanwhile, the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) launched another media campaign to mark the occasion. World No Smoking Day Those who participated on May 31, including the actors Ruslana Rodina and Ravid Ronen, gave their time to the effort.


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