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Virginia Commonwealth University is part of its mission to promote a safe and healthy campus environment by promoting mental health and well-being for students, faculty and staff.

The mental and emotional health of students and staff is critical because it affects all areas of life — including relationships, physical well-being, and productivity and success in school and work, said Charles Klink, Ph.D., vice president for student affairs. VCU

“Now more than ever, it’s important for all of us to be mindful of our thoughts and feelings and take time to care for ourselves and each other,” he said.

VCU student and employee health and safety resources are available at RamStrongA one-stop location that addresses the eight dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional, social, financial, intellectual, professional, environmental and spiritual.

RamStrong provides information about VCU’s new mental and emotional health resources, as well as information on existing resources, including university student health services, employee health, health advisory information (such as COVID-19), the Wreckwell program, and work/life. programming through VCU Human Resources.

“At VCU, we want to foster a culture of care by providing and promoting the resources we have to help our students and staff feel better,” said Meredith Weiss, Ph.D., vice president for administration.

New facilities for students

For students, VCU is offering free access. Current careA 24/7 virtual care service that addresses common concerns that can be diagnosed and treated remotely. The service is also provided University Counseling Service – Allows students to meet with a therapist and receive therapy with flexibility in their schedule.

TimelyCare includes three services for VCU students:

  • Planned consultation. VCU students have access to 12 free 45-minute counseling sessions with a licensed counselor for the 2022-23 academic year. Counselors can provide support for stress and anxiety, adjustment issues, relationship issues, depression, grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, addiction, panic disorder, and more. Students are encouraged to download the TimelyCare app, find a therapist they want to work with, and start scheduling sessions.
  • TalkNow Provides free 24/7 access to a mental health professional on demand. It provides relief from depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, stress, relationship issues, social isolation, hopelessness and more.
  • Health training. VCU students can access virtual appointments with health coaches at no cost to start or maintain good sleep, diet, exercise, weight and stress management for overall wellness.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve known that there have been many students struggling with mental health issues,” said Jihad Aziz, director of university counseling services. We strongly encourage students to download the TimelyCare app to access crisis, therapeutic and health coaching services.

It’s another new service for VCU students. You @VCUA platform to find tips and tools for everything from mental and physical health to friendship and balance.

“You@VCU is really about helping students set their own goals,” Aziz said. “For a lot of students, they’re very self-motivated when it comes to their safety, and this helps them do those things.”

Also, students are invited here Alive! Mental Health Fair at VCUOn September 26 from 10am to 2pm in the University Student Commons.

At the event, students are asked who they can turn to if they’re feeling down — perhaps a professor or a friend. Following the event, VCU will find trusted contacts and let them know there are students they feel comfortable talking to, thank them for being a part of VCU’s caring culture, and provide information about resources they can provide to students.

Another is a new service to support students this fall. KnowledgeAn online chat simulation that provides guidance for faculty and staff to recognize signs that students are in distress and to communicate with and connect students with appropriate campus support.

New resources for employees

A range of services are also being rolled out to support the mental health and wellbeing of teachers and staff.

  • Improved mental/emotional health resources. TimelyCare will be available to employees later this fall, providing mental and emotional health resources anytime, anywhere. Currently, only employees who qualify for benefits have access to mental and emotional health resources. Employee assistance programs (EAPs) as part of health coverage. TimelyCare will be available to all employees. You can log in using your VCU eID and password.
  • Improved labor health services. VCU and VCU Health staff currently have access to a variety of health and wellness services. Employee health services at the clinic located at 120 West Hospital, 1200 E. Broad St., on the MCV campus. VCU will improve employee health services at the Monroe Park campus through online and in-person resources, starting with a new nurse call line for employees who want to talk to a medical professional about general or work-related health and safety issues. He plans to launch a clinic on the Monroe Park campus in the spring.

The new one RamStrong Forum will be a valuable resource for VCU staff this academic year.

In addition to counseling services offered through EAPs and TimelyCare, employees can use RamStrong to access mental and emotional health wellness resources through VCU Human Resources Work-Life programs.

“Resources include in-person and virtual sessions like mindfulness, yoga and other behavioral health tools, as well as employee discounts for wellness services,” said Cindy Fares, employee recognition and wellness program manager in VCU Human Resources. “Employees can use RamStrong to access VCU’s recreation and wellness program, which offers physical and mental/emotional wellness programs.”