Virginia Tech Fans Spit on NCAA with Cool ‘Enter Sandman’

Virginia Tech women’s basketball is the No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in school history. As a result, the Hokies were able to host the first and second rounds.

Post Elizabeth Keatley #33 of the Virginia Tech Hokies wins the first round of the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament at Cassel Coliseum on March 17, 2023 in Biscburg, Virginia. (Photo by Robert Simmons/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Unlike the men’s game, the top 16 seeds host the first weekend of the women’s NCAA tournament. Obviously, playing in front of a home crowd makes a big difference rather than hitting the road, staying in a hotel, using outdoor facilities and playing in front of a crowd rooting for the opposition.

That might go without saying.

However, although the top 16 seeds will host the first two rounds, the games will be played as “neutral site” matches. It doesn’t eliminate the home-fan advantage, but it does eliminate any home-court advantage.

The host groups cannot use their traditions. You can’t play their songs, use graphics, etc.

It is a “neutral” site.

For Virginia Tech, that doesn’t mean ‘Enter the Sandman,’ one of the best traditions in college sports. In the year Before every sporting event in Biskup since 2000, most famously football, the Hokies have gone to the 1991 Metallica Classic. The song’s gradual build to an explosion makes for a perfect introduction.

Virginia Tech can because of the “neutral space” component of Women’s March Madness. is not Play the traditional intro Sandman intro. If he does, he will be punished.

So students took matters into their own hands. When the Hokies hosted Chattanooga in the first round, their fans’ a cappella rendition of the song became rousing. It was a moment of total chills.

Virginia Tech will host South Dakota State in the second round on Sunday. His fans better start warming up for another chance to raise their voices and stick with the NCAA’s “neutrality.”

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