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DAYTON – An area business is offering a new service to job seekers who need a little help revamping their appearance.

Will Droke, owner of Fox Cleaners, wanted to help reduce some of the stress that comes with job interviews by offering free cleaning services.

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“If someone is out of work, needs a job, has a suit or something special to wear, we’ll clean it for free. Just walk in and tell me I’m here to do a free cleaning for an interview, no questions asked,” said Droke.

During his time in the Marine Corps, Droke learned the importance of serving others.

“As a veteran, you know a little bit about service to others and that’s what we want to do in our jobs, and this is one way we do that,” Droke said.

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Fox Cleaners offers many services such as dry cleaning, laundry, shirt and pant pressing, mending and more.

Kay Jones, who has been packing pants at Fox Cleaning for over 18 years, loves her job and is always happy to help the community.

“If somebody really needs a job and they don’t have any money to do it … I think you can bring them to Fox Cleaners and we’ll clean them up, load them up and bring them back for the interview. Good,” Jones said.

There is no expiration date on this new service, says Drook, “We want to be in that business of helping people feel good and feel confident.

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