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When it comes to themes around sustainability, technology and security, tomorrow’s consumer profile may look very similar to today’s.

As buyers and brands had in-store collections for the current consumer at last week’s Outdoor Retailer Show, WGSN and Fashion Snoops researchers sought to provide forward-looking insights.

“To truly understand the consumer of the future, we need to understand consumer sentiment to understand this next generation of business and consumption,” said Quintin Humphrey, WGSN Insight’s head of customer engagement and innovation strategy, in the OR speech.

Humphrey lists four major consumer profiles that are likely to emerge in the future, according to WGSN’s “Consumer of the Future” study.

“These emotions, these ideas, are driving how the consumers of 2025 will respond,” he said.

Future consumer

“The New Nihilists” is a profile presented by WGSN, based on human inflation, climate change, and the political landscape that affects it today.

“This group is really looking for ways to reinvent themselves,” Humphrey says of how brands try to make themselves relevant to the segment.

“The Reductionists” is Humphrey’s second consumer profile, which describes a group that favors real-life experiences, supports local businesses, and is willing to spend on convenience, including on-demand delivery.

Humphrey said in the “shop local” movement, the trend gives small businesses a window to scale and expand their footprint.

“Furthermore, for larger brands, it’s up to them to figure out how they’re partnering with these local communities. How are you rethinking your business? ” he said.

Two other profiles that reinforce Humphrey’s speech include “Timekeepers,” a group concerned with work-life balance and security, and “Pioneers.” The latter group includes proponents of green spaces that moved away from urban areas during the pandemic, as well as implementers of digital experiences such as Metaverse.

“They’re really looking for new places and places to be involved,” Humphrey said. “And this is bringing to life what we call the Great Migration. In New York City… many people left the city during the outbreak. They were looking for a place. They wanted to cut the grass. They wanted to go for a walk. They left town, and never really came back. This is not unique to New York. It’s happening in Tokyo. It is happening all over Europe. It’s happening in Mexico City.

Future Active Outdoor Retailer Winter 2023

(Left to right): Fashion Snoops Director of Materials Nia Silva and Active Strategist Valentina Lorek speaking at the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Show last week. Photo by SES.

Future active

As WGSN lays out what consumers might be looking like a few years from now, Fashion Snoops at Outdoor Retailer presents a list of 10 trends that will dominate the activewear space.

The trend forecasting agency counts Vans, O’Neill, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Timberland and Foot Locker among its clients.

Some of the trends listed overlap. However, key themes emerged including an emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing and the role of technology in what consumers wear.

In terms of sustainability and low impact, Nia Silva, director of materials for Fashion Snoops, called it a big topic affecting the future of materials.

“It’s also responsible for a lot of the changes we’re seeing in the design industries,” she said. “The need for transparency, traceability and targeting carbon emissions as a common emission is expanding the new frontier of sustainable materials engineering.”

It can help with tracking what’s happening in digital and technology, which Fashion Snoops active strategist Valentina Lorek points to Web3 or the next generation of the Internet on the blockchain.

“…Metaverse redefines how brands build loyalty,” Lorek said. “Thus, as consumers aspire to take a more personalized approach to brands, loyalty programs will become one of the most important metrics for outdoor organizations to provide the consumer voice as a platform to influence brands and build community. Web3 enables brands to build interactive communities for consumers to participate in brand design, special events and product launches.” It allows.

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