What does the ‘social currency’ of influential culture say?


The Voice of Fashion is an online fashion and design magazine. Completely different in its approach to contemporary fashion trends and the Indian fashion industry, TVOF is an online platform that explores news, views, opinion pieces, featured articles, photo features, narrative style stories and shopping lists. It is a fashion magazine with strong reading content, videos and news.

Most of the fashion magazines do not have analytical sections that provide in-depth coverage of Indian fashion from a design and political perspective. The Voice of Fashion, not only conducts in-depth interviews with Indian fashion designers through articles and videos, but also studies the culture and essence of the brand in many ways.

Using a combination of fashion news, videos, local and international, Fashion Voice provides a panoramic cultural view of Indian fashion online, its business, politics, design dilemmas, fashion weeks, top sponsors and how consumers respond to Indian fashion. and designers.

Some say that we are more of a magazine than a typical fashion magazine, but as we bring fresh pieces daily on Indian fashion and beauty trends, it is probably more than a regular fashion magazine for us. A democratic platform with no advertising and no advertising space, Fashion Voice is an Indian magazine with depth and substance that uses news and current affairs to address the cultural mediums created by books, cinema, literature, music and art.


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