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I’m sure, sometimes you need to text “Hyacinth”, but you don’t have time to type all those letters. Now, there are new emojis for hyenas, jellyfish, hair picks, and other words you’ll never use.

In the new iOS 16.4 for iPhones, there are nearly two dozen new emojis, including a goose, moose, pea, ginger, and donkey. There is a shaking emoticon on the face, which can mean confusion, disbelief, dizziness, or being in an earthquake.

New push hands can be used for high fives with different skin tones or “talk to the hand, the face won’t listen.”

Like other emojis, these can be used with others to give a whole new meaning.

You can also highlight emoji characters using the “Send on Demand” option. Tap your text or emoji, hold down the send arrow, and you’ll have options to send animations like “shout” or “slam.” Or, send a full screen of text as a spotlight, confetti or laser.

And if you have trouble understanding the meaning of emojis, type your message and hold the emoji icon on the keyboard. Emoticons highlight words in text. You will get the new emoji when you update to iOS 16 or release to Android devices.

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