What the Tech? Teachers use social media to communicate with parents as they prepare for the school year What The Tech?

Am I the only parent who’s gotten a note sent home from school about an assignment and my kid doesn’t give it to me until the night before? With social media and apps that should never happen again.

Most teachers don’t want or are not allowed to be Facebook friends with parents or their students. A solution is a Facebook page for the classroom. I’d suggest making the group private so you’ll have to approve anyone wanting to join.

Here’s a great example of a classroom page from a teacher named Mr. Edelman. I can’t see his first name or even the name of the school or which city it is located. That’s good. There’s no reason anyone outside of his classroom should know any details.

mr. Edelman allows current students and former students to join and participate. He makes it clear that it is to share class announcements and he uses it to arrange tutoring or homework help. If someone posts something that doesn’t belong on the page they’ll be banned and if they’re a current student, he’ll take care of it in class.

Like all good math teachers, Mr. Edelman is a problem solver.

Some school districts do not allow Facebook to be used for classes but they will allow the app “Remind” for teachers to communicate with parents. Remind eliminates the need for teachers to send notes home with students.

It allows the teacher to communicate with everyone in the class, or with individual students and their parents.

There’s a free version of Remind for teachers for up to 10 classes. If your school doesn’t know about the Remind app, you may want to ask about it.

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