Wheelchair models hit the road in a unique fashion show


A special fashion show on wheelchairs was held on Tuesday to enable the disabled to express themselves and raise social awareness.

People with spinal cord injuries and those who use wheelchairs modeled for the show in specially designed costumes.

Shanghai Yangtze Rehabilitation Hospital worked with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts for over three months to prepare for the fashion show. Student designers have designed clothes for disabled people considering their needs. Students and special models walked the stage with confidence.

Wheelchair models hit the road in a unique fashion show

T Gong

A man in a wheelchair poses alongside student models at a fashion show on Tuesday.

Participating in the fashion show are members of Hope Family, a local group that helps people with spinal cord injuries.

At the request of the Shanghai Federation of the Disabled, Yangzhi Hospital provides training and rehabilitation guidance on topics such as how to prevent bedridden, how to cope with catheterization, how to prevent falls and fractures, and how to teach basic skills such as self-care. – Care, wheelchair travel and social integration.

Wheelchair models hit the road in a unique fashion show

T Gong

This fashion show is more of a fresh attempt at restoration. Student designers consult the unique group’s aesthetic perception and question for clothing function in long talks to meet their unique body shapes and needs.

According to the institute, students can gain a greater understanding of people with disabilities, develop their professional skills, and learn about love and social support for those in need.

While disabled people have the opportunity to express themselves and enjoy participating in social activities, they receive support and respect from others, which can help in their rehabilitation.

According to hospital experts, disabled people also lead colorful lives. The purpose of the fashion show is to enable them to express themselves in a creative way, highlighting the achievements of the city through their care and support.

After the fashion show, the hospital and the institute signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

In China, about 3.7 million people suffer from spinal cord injuries, and there are 90,000 new patients every year. Most people have irreversible erectile dysfunction, which prevents them from exercising.

According to a white paper in Chinese, 85.6 percent of all patients with spinal cord injuries were aged 31 to 60 years and 81.5 percent of patients had an annual income of less than 50,000 yuan (US$6,974).

People with spinal cord injuries require ongoing treatment and rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.

Wheelchair models hit the road in a unique fashion show

T Gong


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