Who are you wearing? PETA ‘Human Skin’ Fashion Show to Wear Out-of-City Clothes


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June 20, 2023

Brittany Williams 202-483-7382

Miami – On Thursday, PETA models take to the “runway” outside a Miami outdoor store, showcasing fashion designs made from hyper-realistic “human skin.” The clothing comes from Urban Outraged, a guerilla marketing campaign that masquerades as an online store and sells things like jackets, boots, dresses and bags. Man Skin. PETA hopes that the scary fashion show will make people question the acceptance of consumption Any Living, Being Leather for Fashion—Something Urban Outfitters brands, including Anthropologie and Free People, sell lambswool, cashmere, mohair, leather, down, silk and alpaca wool.

When: Thursday, June 22 at 12 noon

Where: Outside City Outfitters, 819 Lincoln Rd., Miami

PETA members have been exposed to extreme cruelty and abuse in industries that raise animals for their fur, fur or feathers. During their investigation, workers were recorded beating, tying and cutting alpacas. dragging goats on the ground, picking them up by their tails, throwing them and maiming them with knives and pins; plucking geese alive; Beating and kicking sheep, kicking their faces.

“The cow’s skin is hers, and she feels as much fear and pain in the slaughterhouse as you or I would,” said Tracey Rehman, executive vice president of PETA. “PETA challenges consumers to see the individual behind every animal hide on store shelves and racks and choose cruelty-free clothing instead.”

PETA—whose slogan reads in part, “The animals we wear are not ours”—defies a human-dominated worldview.

For more information about PETA’s investigative news gathering and reporting, please visit PETA.orglisten to The PETA Podcastor follow the group Twitter, FacebookOr Instagram.


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