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Waterloo, Wis, January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, OVATION FOODS® Introducing Chicken Chains, a new nutrient-dense meat snack that contains a whole egg – a unique whole food breakthrough that reinvents the healthy snack food category.

New Sweet &  Savory, nutrient-dense chicken from Ovation Foods.  These super high protein snacks contain ZERO sugar and are an excellent source of Choline.

New sweet and savory, nutrient-dense chicken from Ovation Foods. These super high protein snacks contain ZERO sugar and are an excellent source of Choline.

A real food super snack made with only a few ingredients; A lightly seasoned 100% chicken breast and one whole egg.

Unlike other meat snacks or portable snacks on the market, Ovation Foods® Featuring one whole egg in each 1.6oz serving, it provides a uniquely dense meal. It offers delicious and beautiful chicken dishes 22 g of protein;, 0 grams of sugar and 175 milligrams of choline; In addition, over 35 naturally occurring nutrients support whole body health. Choline, an essential brain nutrient 92% of Americans are deficient in and is critical to supporting brain health, focus and cognitive function. Ovation’s Choline Nutrient Claim, “on a roll” is an industry first available for meat products, and is provided through the whole egg through the naturally labeled egg nutrient.®. Eggs are one of the single best sources of choline.

Egg products® Whole fresh eggs are one of the world’s most innovative, natural, whole egg ingredients that provide 100% bio-functional nutrition. This superfood ingredient is shelf-stable Dried whole egg beads Like Ovation Foods, it can change your daily diet nutritionally.®‘ Poultry and woods. Each incredibly balanced serving provides 30% of the daily value of the essential nutrient choline.

New chicken steaks now complement Ovation’s chicken sticks. Three deliciously flavored authentic smoked meats to choose from; No soy teriyaki., Chili lemon And Chimney house. All without the sugar and preservatives of other meat snacks. Best of all, this real food super snack is made of only a few ingredients; Light flavor 100% chicken breast And A whole egg.

Learn more about the amazing health benefits of egg yolk®And more… visit www.InOvationFoods.com.

About ovulation foods

Ovation Foods’ philosophy is simple: to create the healthiest foods on the planet that are easy and fun to eat! The food you eat should be nutritious and nutritious. Using the latest food technologies and techniques, we protect and preserve the natural nutrients of eggs and offer proven and bio-functional benefits in healthy and delicious foods. We are on a good mission – Creation Good nutritionFocusing on doing Good for the environmentAnd by doing Good by givingAlong with another 501c3 organization that helps fight child malnutrition worldwide.



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