Zoe Saldaña Wore M.Gemi Ballet Flats with Etika Jeans

It’s good that we have fashionable celebrities on both sides of the beach. Some live in sunny Los Angeles, while others live in New York City, which means there’s no shortage of fashion inspiration. Each season, year round.

Take Zoe Saldana’s recent look out of work for example. While NYC-based stars are currently over-the-top with fur coats and slip-on boots (look, Meryl Streep!), those on the West Coast are taking a slightly lighter approach when it comes to “winter layers.” of kind of The actress was photographed rocking a perfectly low-key weekend outfit that included jeans — but not just any ol’ jeans. Saldana’s pair is from Ithaca, a label Gigi Hadid and I co-branded, and if you’re looking for stylish and durable jeans, you should definitely check them out.

She paired her jeans with a slouchy long-sleeve top, another wardrobe staple with the French word ‘It’ written all over it, and her choice of footwear many East Coasters wouldn’t have thought of months ago: ballet flats.

Saldaña’s exact pair have become my favorite flats from Italian brand M.Gemi, which is blowing up in Hollywood. Dubbed the Danza, this style is made from textured calf leather that looks like a glove for your foot shape (which I can attest to) and adds a square toe front, a sweet bow detail, and a hidden wedge. The correct amount of lifting And Support. I get why Saldaña is walking around LA in these; I did the same thing in NYC, and they didn’t cause any leg pain. In fact, I’m going to buy a second pair – that’s how much I love them.

M. Ship

Shop now. 248 dollars; mgemi.com

M. Ship

Shop now: $248; mgemi.com

There’s a lot more to this Saldaña look than just wearing my flats — an essential takeaway, of course. It’s the latest confirmation that ballet, the pinnacle of the balletcore movement that rose to fame last year, will remain at the forefront of the footwear world for Spring 2023. Mark my words.

It is a wise choice for low-to-the-ground, sensible shoes Any Movement. Apart from being transparent (in addition to being easy to walk on), the style goes well with what you’re wearing. If you want to embrace full ballet, consider wearing flats with chunky socks like Bella Hadid’s. Beautiful and cunning!

Get a leg up on the ballet flat trend by shopping some of our favorite styles below (get it?).


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