Creating inclusive spaces to promote better health for all

WINOOSKI, Vt. (WCAX) – “So I think the biggest issue like that is getting into a gender-affirming space,” says Insider’s K Ravichandran.

Creating inclusive spaces for all is the goal of this group. Inner Space is a new organization. Their mission is to care for those who speak out against systemic oppression and injustice. They represent the LGBTQ, transgender and bi-racial community. Those who say they are unrepresented. As a way to show their support to get the word out, they held a community event with Outright VT to show Vermonters that they are here to help.

“So often these are the forgotten peoples and they’re not really considered in terms of being able to provide what’s needed.” Said the founder of Inner Space Coco Shah.

There were many health care resources at the event for people with questions about getting care. Also free laundry. Kay identifies Ravikandra as a transgender woman. She says her journey has not been easy, especially when it comes to health care.

“Oftentimes that means you have to feel like you’re on either end of the gender binary. If you feel outside of that gender binary, you often don’t get care or providers don’t know how to provide care,” Ravichandran explains.

Ravikandaran says that in order to receive care as a trans person, a person must be on hormones for at least a year before undergoing physical changes. Sometimes it’s hard for providers to provide that care, she says, because some trans people don’t know exactly what they need. Ravichandran believes that we need to have more trans numbers in prominent roles to create empathy.

“I wish people would vote trans people into government. Then we can inspire trans people to get involved in health care and government.

Billie Summers moved to Vermont because her previous health care system lacked resources for black mothers. She was just walking her son when she found the event. She says it’s good to be supported in a new place.

“I’ve lived in different states and no community has ever been so supportive. Especially, not only with people of color. Also, like young parents, or single parents,” Summers said.

Inner Space plans to continue community engagement to educate more people. They hope that at some point they will find their own place for those who need it.

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