“Explain to me why Ferrari has a fashion show?”: Fans go berserk over Grace Ferrari’s fashion show

Ferrari is always up and beautiful on everything. Halfway through the season, in between competitions, they staged a spectacular fashion show in Milan. Style and class, Italian manufacturers have left no stone unturned for the event. However, fans are hanging on where they stand. A few are quite taken by this, while the rest can’t help but flinch.


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Ferrari has created arguably the most sophisticated clothing line in clothing their models. And fans have something to say!


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The show went live today. They named their line ‘Dreamers’. Ferrari defined it. “Remembering the human body in myth and an evolving aesthetic perspective, between heritage and modernity, emotion and excellence.”

The collection is said to be passionate and a form of self-expression.

Creating a “A peculiar aspect laid back.”, Ferrari has brought together iconic figures and elements of their visual existence in a suit that reflects the same class that bears its name. They explain. “The evolution of Ferrari’s style codes reveals a collection of sophisticated and fluid garments characterized by clean lines, primary colors and fine fabrics.

Fans on their YouTube live streams had a voice and weren’t shy about using it:

“1. Make clothes 2. Slap a Ferrari on it 3. Great value 4. Profit”.

Some support the company’s work and write. “Wonderful work Truly. Ferrari has such style in everything

Not only was this a big highlight at Milan Fashion Week, but fans couldn’t stop tweeting stories of the event!

F1 fans were losing their minds on Twitter.

As Ferrari broadcast the event live, fans posted their favorite tidbits from the event. They clearly couldn’t contain their thoughts.

Charles Leclerc was also spotted in Milan for the big event today.


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Check out this story: Ferrari favorite Charles Leclerc spotted with French soccer bombshell Paul Pogba.


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Ferrari is heating things up in Milan, just in time for the next race this coming weekend. As the conversation continues on the Internet void, what’s your personal preference? No, no? Or will you be the one pulling out the Ferrari summer collection outfits for the race?

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