Fashion returns with fresh treatments of color and fabric


Dorothy Crook, Contributing Writer | Thursday, September 15, 2022

With the return of fashion weeks and strong street looks, style enthusiasts are finding new and unique ways to express themselves through their clothing, moving to the forefront of style for beautifully crafted fabrics and quality creations. From designers and manufacturers to fashion connoisseurs and collectors, at the heart of every individual’s fashion journey lies a focus on textiles that convey the latest trends, serve a useful purpose, or pay homage to the art and heritage of dressmaking passed down through generations.

This season, color pops in textiles, unique styles offer many options to make the designer or the wearer stand out from the crowd. Contemporary classics evoke a sense of nostalgia for vintage-like pieces. New approaches to pattern and color therapy convey a sense of limitless possibilities as fashion looks forward to a new future. This season’s textile trends may offer different things, but they are all tools that lead to a common design goal to create unique fashion journeys.

Antique Lace/KMS Group LLC, (704) 724-2269;

California Textile Group, (213) 765-0555,

Synergy Textiles, Inc., (213) 748-4400;

Confetti Fabrics/KMS Group, (704) 724-2269;

EBI Textiles Corporation, (213) 765-0900;

Guarisco Fabrics/LK Textiles, (323) 578-4203;

Hopestar / BFF Studio, (718) 666-6744;

iLace Textile / Elastic Group,,

KBC Fashion/LK Textiles, (323) 578-4203;

Klauber Brothers/BFF Studio, (718) 666-6744;

La Lame, Inc., (212) 921-9770;

NK Textiles / Nipkow & Cobelt, Inc., (949) 680-4746;

Robert Kaufman Fabrics, (800) 877-2066;

Solstice, (212) 719-9194;

Taxolini, (310) 537-3400;


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