5 Times Hwasa Innovated the K-pop Fashion Mold


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Born in 1995, Hwasa is unlike most other female K-pop idols. She has a darker skin tone, mono-lid eyes, and a curvier, hourglass figure. Due to these attributes, she has been picked on and criticized by the media since her debut. In fact, she was kicked out of auditions because the judges thought she was “fat and ugly”.

Well, look who is laughing now! Today, Ahn Hye-jin, known in the industry as Hwasa, is one of the most sought-after idols. A member of the successful girl group Mamamoo, Hwasa is a woman of many talents. As a part of the group, she raps, dances and can sing in a wide vocal range.

Other than her talents, Hwasa is also known for her bold and iconic fashion moments. Throughout her career, she has worn many controversial outfits for performances and otherwise.

Today, we examine five times when Hwasa pushed the boundaries of acceptable K-pop fashion trends. Read on till the end to see what her most iconic look (till today) is!

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Unbuttoned Pants to the Airport

In August 2019, Hwasa was set to fly with her Mamamoo group members. She arrived at the airport with them, but the Korean media focused their attention only on her. The South Korean idol was wearing ripped jeans, which were unbuttoned and showed off her high-waisted panties.

Suffice it to say that she caused more than a stir with the netizens. Many criticized her for being vulgar and inappropriate (a theme we will see more going forward). However, Hwasa did not let these criticisms get to her.

You can find this look (among others) in the above video.

Corsets and Garters

At the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejon Music Festival, Mamamoo performed their hit song Starry Night. For the performance, Hwasa chose to wear a black corset and shorts with black garters. This look made K-netizens incredibly upset.

Some people berated the rapper for having to show skin in order to look sexy, while others said that the outfit was inappropriate for a show like SBS Gayo which people watched with their families. Even others criticized her for having too much of an “American” mindset.

The “Joker” Outfit

Nicknamed the “Joker” outfit, this costume saw Hwasa wearing a neon yellow bodysuit and a purple clear plastic pant and jacket set. Her hair was green like the popular Batman villain The Joker and her lips were blood red.

The South Korean songstress donned this iconic ensemble while performing the song Hip with her bandmates at the 2019 M-net Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

This outfit made her look sexy and sassy as she commanded the stage with the (ever-present) confidence and charm.

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The Stunning White Dress

A white princess is not an adjective that usually defines Hwasa’s style. However, for the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards, the idol showed up wearing a body-hugging white dress with a mermaid bottom. Paired with understated diamond jewelry, this look made her look ethereal. Her glowy make-up and tight wrapped bun perfectly complemented the sophisticated look.

That evening, she took the “Hot Issue Entertainer Award”.

The Most ICONIC Hwasa Outfit Ever!

There is no way any K-pop fan could ever forget the show-stopping red latex body suit that Hwasa walked out in for Mamamoo’s performance at the 2018 MAMA Awards.

The little red number took the internet by storm. While many praised her look and confidence, one little corner of the internet was offended by the outfit. According to some, it “showed too much”.

Hwasa herself commented on this outfit in a later interview. She said that while she picks costumes for performances, all she thinks about is how the costume will harmonize with the performance.

It would not be unfair to say that a lot of the time, Hwasa is unfairly criticized for her fashion choices. She only wears what she feels would suit the vibe of the performance or appearance.

There is also some bias against the singer when judging her outfits against those of other female idols. For example, in the aforementioned SBS Gayo performance, all of her other teammates also wore similarly sexy and provocative pieces. But, the eyre of the public was unleashed on Hwasa alone.

She has gained widespread acclaim for her talent and looks. Although many in her home country criticize her for not adhering to South Korean standards of beauty, she never lets that stop her from achieving her dreams.

Hwasa’s talent is a result of years of hard work and commitment to her craft. She does not let the nay-sayers discourage her. This level of self-confidence and belief is aspirational for many.

As she turned 27 this year, all her fans and Moo-Moos are waiting to see what she does next.

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