Shaida Swain’s best fashion is seen on the show


90 Day Fiancé star Shaida Swain is fighting with her husband Bilal. However, she is never late when she goes to her closet.

90 day engagement Star Shaida Swain is one of the most modern cast members of the franchise. Shaida appeared first. 90 day engagement Season 9 with her husband Bilal Haziz, who quickly became one of the biggest criminals of the time. After playing several pranks on Shayda, the fans quickly came to despise Bilal; For example, by picking up a work van from the airport to check if she is using it for the money.

Sheida and Bilal are now back. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7, they are still facing many issues. One of the couple’s biggest disagreements is when to have a baby because Sheida wants to have a baby right away, while Bilal doesn’t. When Shaida’s ex-wife Shahida threatened to physically assault her in public, Shaida fought back after Bilal did not defend her.

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While Shaida doesn’t always have the easiest time on the show, she always looks fashionable when she’s on screen. Shaida is well dressed. 90 Day Fiancé, She looks at some of them. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After They are more unique and beautiful.

Sheida’s pink dress and scarf

Shaida’s all-pink outfit is no surprise in her off-camera interview segments. In this season, Shaida is dressed in more colors as opposed to her neutral colored outfits in her previous seasons. Shaida paired a hot pink long sleeve blouse with a light pink hijab, paired with big hoop earrings. This is one of Shaida’s most confident looks yet, along with the accompanying pink eye shadow and lip gloss.

Shaida yellow dress and green scarf

Another of Shayda’s best outfits is from her off-camera interview with Bilal, and a yellow top and pants with an emerald green hijab. This is another example of Shaida wearing bright colors, which makes her look more confident and bold. Shades of yellow and green compliment each other perfectly, with Shaida completing her look with sparkling square earrings.

Sheida’s white coat and black and gold scarf

Shaida’s most impressive appearance in her time 90 day engagement When she goes shopping with Bilal, she must be wearing a beautiful patterned scarf and a white jacket. While Sheyda’s hijab is usually just one color, the gold embroidery on the black scarf she wore in this outfit was beautiful. A white shirt and coat go well with a dark headdress, adding a great color contrast. Shaida’s simple makeup and small gold hoop earrings complete the look perfectly.


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