10 anime with the best fashion sense

Every year there are countless conventions around the world where participants dress up as their favorite anime characters. Cosplayers have long known that there are several series that showcase some of the best fashion sense and it is their duty to replicate it as much as possible.

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Even non-cosplayers need no excuse to spot drops when they see them. There’s a reason why. DBZ gi is very iconic; It was mass produced like muscle tees and tanks for anyone to wear. That is not the only case as there are several series that have inspired fashion trends for mass consumption.

10 Demon Slayer

Hyori’s unique styles make it killer.

Zenitsu, Nezuko, Tanjiro, Rengoku and Inosuke from Demon Slayer.

While the Meiji era was a period of westernization of Japan’s standards in politics, economics, and imperial expansion, it was the Taisho era that strengthened the fusion of East and West to change Japanese fashion trends. When choosing settings for her series, Demon SlayerMangaka Koyoharu Gotuj made sure to implement these trends.

Haori and kimono were still staples of everyday clothing in Japanese fashion. So when Koyoharu designed her characters, she made sure they each had their own design for Hashira’s uniform. Standouts are Tanjiro’s checkered haori, Zenitsu’s Urokomon haori, and Gyu’s half-patterned haori.

9 Cowboy Bebop

In the year 2071 fashion is very reminiscent of the 90s

Spike and Faye take a break at Cowboy Bebop.

When we think of the 90s aesthetic, when anime takes off, Cowboy Bebop There is already one before another answer. The series is easily very accessible to non-fans of anime media, which makes it even more iconic.

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From Spike’s blue leisure outfit to Faye’s slim blonde, each of their outfits evokes many of the 90s anime beauty icons. As they describe the future in the new space age, Cowboy Bebop It excels at fusing western wear with neo-Tokyo urban pop. Bebop They were meant to be knights mixing genres with one another, and so their costumes reflected that.

8 Jujutsu Kaisen

The award-winning Shonen series with a twist on timeless fashion staples

Kento Nanami vs. Mahito in Jujutsu Kaizen Battle.

There are countless anime that put their spin on Japanese school uniforms, but none have managed to look as cool and unique as the set uniform Ge Akutami. Jujutsu Kaisen. The Tokyo Wizarding World managed to trick its predecessors into their Hogwarts-issued uniforms.

UG’s unique hoodie isn’t just the school uniform or Utah colors. There are countless students of Tokyo Metropolitan Cursed College who fit the most popular of the series. The biggest culprit is Kento Nanami, Yui’s mentor and best side character. The salaryman’s outfit is taken to the nines with a tie pattern and tag-hair carrera.

7 Bleach

00’s fashion has been made cool.

Bleach fashion style.

In the year There’s no denying that the early 2000s may have been the worst time for fashion. From baggy jeans to velor tracks, there was no end to these edgy trends. However, when Tate Kubo created his hit series, BleachAt the same time, he somehow took all those trends and made them timeless.

Ichigo Kurosaki is still considered one of the best protagonist designs, and his sense of style helps to prove it. From his shinigami clothes to his street clothes, they all manage to evoke his cool and unique image. During the series’ run, Kubo himself made sick costumes for various characters. The trend continued in the premiere A thousand years of blood war Anime adaptation.

6 Blue lock

The World Cup was given attention

Image from Blue Lock.

Many manga artists are famous for being given the opportunity to collaborate with Adidas by wearing Japan’s World Cup jersey. Blue lock Illustrator Yusuke Nomura is one of two mangaka to make this claim. Japan’s samurai blue jersey was one of the hottest topics around the World Cup due to the jersey’s connection to the popular anime that aired that year.

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Although the series has a monochromatic blue look, Blue lock He was able to use that to their advantage. Maybe since then Slam dunk A sports anime/manga looks effortlessly cool. Each of the main character’s outfits further emphasize their high motivation and competitiveness.

5 My dress-up Darley

More fashion than cosplay

Marine Kitagawa in Dress-Up Darly.

even thought My dress-up Darley It focuses more on Kitagawa’s cosplay and Gojo wears the same thing every day, while the series offers interesting things for the main characters. This is especially true when it comes to one of anime’s best anime characters.

The series’ fashion sense is well on display among its cosplay montages. If anything, it’s great when Marine Kitagawa earns money for her cosplay by modeling for fashion magazines or when she and Gojo go out for cosplay supplies. Marine’s passion for influencing Geru’s beauty really shines through.

4 Akira

The ultimate cyberpunk trendsetter

Kaneda slides his bike through Akira.

Perhaps the most influential cyberpunk film, Akira It is known for its stunning animation and dark world building. Like many cyberpunk titles, Akira He doesn’t hold back when it comes to inspiring fashion trends. as a Cowboy BebopAfter the destruction of the core in a nuclear holocaust, the setting of Neo Tokyo seems to be the origin of a style that encompasses both the old and new worlds.

This is best seen in Canada and Bike Gang, which brings 50s grease style to the dystopian future of 2019. But the most popular piece of fabric has to be the highly sought after Canadian red/blue pillbox jacket. Anime fashion by fans.

3 Spy X family

Image from Spy x Family.

as a Unbelievable, Spy x Family It is set in a world reminiscent of the mid-20th century. An era of conflict with Cold War tensions made it the perfect setting to inspire Tatsuya Endo when he created the much-loved series.

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To better illustrate the era, the price of the series can be easily compared and contrasted with AMC. Crazy people: Leather ties with sharkskin wool, pig fedoras, over-the-knee sweaters and assorted pantsuits. While the tension between Ostania and Vitalis is chilly, the central figures behind the scenes are hot as they work to keep the peace.

2 Sailor Moon

It curates the ultimate 90s aesthetic for Pinterest.

Sailor Moon embodying the 90s.

It’s hard to find a more popular anime from the 90s. Cowboy BebopStill in some ways Sailor Moon In terms of popularity and merchandise. Unfortunately, it’s Usagi and her friends that people who don’t like a lot of media use as examples for their reasoning.

Regardless of what others think, the series is undeniably popular for a number of reasons, one of which is its bubbly urban-pop aesthetic. When not battling galactic threats, Usagi and her cohorts are loaded with some of the best costumes the 90s had to offer.

1 JoJo’s Strange Adventure

He develops his own sense of fashion.

The Importance of Fashion in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

When it comes to a series that creates its own style, that style becomes synonymous with anything related to the title. JoJo’s Strange Adventure He is very loud and proud about this. The very western-music-inspired series is one of the most popular series to come out of Japan, and its fashion shows it.

Rohan Kishibe and Jotaro Kujo are easily the greatest performers of this. Rohan’s diverse wardrobe complements his unique personality, but the effortlessly cool Jotaro chooses an outfit that matches whatever his hat is changing that day. The series’ unique costumes are one of its most interesting qualities, and it lends credibility to the idea. Jojo It’s its own beast and unique in its imagination.

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