10 Times Superhero Shows Really Said About Mental Health

Superheroes, and the superhero genre in general, are often criticized as shallow forms of fiction. Their detractors often state that they rely on special effects. Because these heroes deal with larger-than-life issues outwardly, there is a sense that their internal problems are somehow legitimate or irrelevant.

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The truth is that superhero fiction is strongly about the struggle of an outsider. Really compelling superheroes may seem inhuman on the surface, but they feel things the way everyone else feels. They lead to some great fiction about strength, suffering and the nature of humanity, mourning loss and fearing harm.

More sensitive issues related to mental health ahead. Please proceed with caution.

10/10 Arrow begins with a returning soldier fighting.Oliver Queen stitching up the wound

While many superhero shows choose to establish their main characters as superpowers before anything else, Arrow Directed by Oliver Queen Vulnerability. The pilot’s strongest scene, the gold standard in modern superhero adaptations, depicts Oliver’s first night home after returning from the island hell.

Oliver has a plan when he gets home. He is going to use the skills he developed during his exile to take money from the corrupt businessmen who run the city. That night, however, Oliver was found asleep in front of an open window, engulfed by the changes, in the pouring rain. No part of the future Green Arrow is ready to accept consolation.

9/10 The spark is entirely motivated by his guilt.Barry Allen screaming in the flash

Flash It follows Barry Allen, the titular Red Speeder, as he saves the city from the metahumans and right the wrongs of his past. Because Barry Allen’s abilities as the Flash are tied to his imagination, his mental health is constantly evaluated, particularly his guilt over his mother’s murder.

As a child, Barry could not accept that it was not his responsibility to save his mother. In the beginning Flash, Barry gives his life to free his father, because he is a man under the control of guilt. When he discovers time travel, he becomes obsessed with changing the past. His guilt leads to more Mistakes, themselves lead to further guilt.

8/10 In Legion, David Haller can’t trust reality.David Haller is the main character of the show Legion

The world of Legion it’s complicated. Basically, the series chronicles the struggles of David Haller, also known as Legion, as he tries to find some mental stability on the fringes of the X-Men universe. He is surrounded by people of amazing ability, although many of the figures in their circle are, in fact, the same person trying to use David for his own purposes.

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David spends this series on the edge of reality. He encounters time-travelers, body-shifters, and telepathy, all of which add to David’s confusion. Legion A very compelling argument is the power of a calm environment to heal one’s mind.

7/10 The calendar girl of the new Batman adventure is heartbreaking.Calendar Girl in the new adventures of Batman

“Mean Seasons” Episode 9 of The New Adventures of Batman, explores the shocking relationship between world models and body dysmorphia. A calendar girl, an episode villain, a model who has passed all her chances. After reaching the age of 30, she leaves her industries, resulting in a mental break. Her belief in her ugliness leads her to take violent revenge on those who deny her.

The greatest strength of the Batman animated universe is its handling of villains. Batman’s rogues gallery are led by their unique mental state to live a life of crime. The real tragedy is the calendar girl’s destination knowledge. Arkham Asylum, will never help her..

6/10 Steven Universe is constantly exploring his identity.

Steven Universe And its further chapters, Steven Universe: The MovieAnd Stevens Universityin the future, follow Steven as he grows from a young boy to a true superhero. His mission, to achieve planetary peace, is in constant flux, changing as his worldview changes.

Each victory Steven achieves teaches him more about himself and his origins as a Jem/human hybrid. This knowledge forces him to rethink his assumptions about the world, such as the nature of a hero or what it means to truly help someone. Sometimes, they lose hope, but their loved ones help them move forward with their love and support. Steven comes out the other end as a gentler, but more complete person and a true planetary superhero.

5/10 Young Justice Miss Marian learns to love herself.Out of Young Justice - Miss Marian and family

The White Martians Young justiceTV continuity is standard for DC Comics. They are a smaller species of Martians that have been specialized in past invasions of their more peaceful green counterparts.

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When Miss Martian joins “the team” she is introduced as Marrian Manhunter’s niece to hide her White Martian heritage. She spends most of the first two seasons in denial about her true identity, which leads to conflict with those she loves and denies the height of her abilities. Through her love affair with Superboy, whose issues stem from his appearance, she learns to define herself as both a hero and a Martian.

4/10 Jessica Jones confronts her abuser and bounces back.Kilgrave threatening Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones It starts with the titular private investigator The bottom of the spiral down. Her friendships are broken, she has no ambitions to be a superhero, and her only friends are her adoptive sister who won’t leave her alone and her heroin addict.

Jessica lives in constant terror that the Purple Man is about to put her back under his mind control abilities. She can’t face her trauma, which presents as symptoms of panic and addiction as she gets caught up in the latest plot. By confronting him both mentally and physically, Jessica literally regains control of herself and is able to prevent him from repeating his abuse of another innocent child.

3/10 WandaVision Explore how grief affects the worldWandavision pilot

in WandaVision, the MCU takes a step forward to explore the pain and suffering depicted in the films. This is when most of Earth’s heroes are born, though. Avengers: Endgame, Vanda Maximov’s lover, Robot Vision, is not so lucky. Due to Thanos’ killing instead of Blip, Vision is not included in this group.

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Wanda isolates herself and creates a false reality based on familiar sitcoms from her childhood. Unable to fill the hole in her heart, she envisioned a new vision instead, including twins. Wanda holds those around her prisoner, forced to play sitcom roles instead of accepting reality. When Wanda is forced out of reality, she doesn’t learn her lesson, which leads to more suffering.

2/10 What if…? Doctor Strange doesn’t move.How about Doctor Strange from Marvel...?  He prepares to do sorcery.

Part 4 of what if…?, “What if… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?”, following the wizarding Superman in an alternate timeline, he takes his love interest, Dr. Christine Palmer, in a car where he has lost the use of his hands. In the original continuity, losing his surgical skills leads him to a magical quest, but in this story, it’s Christine.

Strange becomes obsessed with resurrecting Christine, so he has less self-control than usual when he discovers time travel. He traverses countless timelines to save Christine, literally living in the past. This Doctor Strange is not interested in saving the world, he only changes its fate and leads to more suffering.

1/10 Buffy took a scene just to be sadJoyce's death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer He is no stranger to exploring the psyche of his characters. Season 5, episode 16, “Body” is a strong example of this phenomenon. Rather than the show’s typical humor, the obvious honesty of this episode is the highlight of the series.

Buffy’s mother, Joyce, dies suddenly. From brain aneurysm, it is the whole situation of the event that happens to the group. They are used for apocalyptic threats, but they are not enough to deal with the limitations of regular medicine. Buffy was able to pull through though because she wasn’t alone and her sister Dawn was looking out for her.

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