30 fashion editor-approved items for your birthday


I am one of those people who loves their birthday. For me it’s the beginning of a new chapter, a fresh start, a reason to celebrate with friends, and get all dressed up. I am 24 this year and will be spending my birthday in New York City with my friends and family. My birthday itinerary is full of plans such as high tea in the East Village with my sisters and my mother, who flew in over the weekend; Following a fun dinner planned with friends in the Meatpacking District, dancing the night away in Brooklyn, going to a Broadway show, and taking my mom and sisters to my favorite piano bar in town on the weekend. The nine.

So now that I’ve planned the perfect New York City weekend, I’m looking for the perfect outfits to wear. This year I wanted to wear a fun party dress to celebrate with my friends, I always think your birthday is a good opportunity to wear something fun and a little top that you don’t normally wear, I mean it only comes around once in a while. one year. For tea I wanted to go for a prep school vibe with this argyle Marnie sweater and Tigermist pleated dress with knee high boots and I’m thinking of a sweater dress for a Broadway show.

Keep scrolling to see which items I’ll be wearing on my birthday weekend, along with other items I’ve cut out.


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