6 Companies Using DOE Supercomputers for Clean Energy Tech Manufacturing

Six clean energy technology companies in the US have been selected to receive funding to use the Department of Energy’s network of supercomputers to optimize their manufacturing processes and accelerate product development.

Awardees under the High Performance Computing for Manufacturing program will have access to HPC facilities at DOE national laboratories and apply advanced modeling, simulation and data analysis to accelerate the development of decarbonization technologies, DOE said Wednesday.

The awardees and their partner laboratories are as follows

  • Allegheny Technologies and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Daniel USA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Ford Motor Company and Sandia National Laboratory
  • M2X Energy and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Siemens and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Solar turbines and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The companies will receive $300,000 each – a total of $1.8 million for all six – and will work on projects that focus on a variety of topics, including improving the battery performance of electric vehicles and refining the shape of mill products to 1. Low energy use and reduced carbon emissions.

HPC4Mfg is administered by the High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation Initiative and funded by the Office of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies.

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