7.5 million for the male fertility platform Posterity Health

Posterity Health, a digital male fertility treatment provider; The company has collected 7.5 million dollars in seed funding It only speaks for Axios.

Why is it important? Employers continue to strengthen maternity benefits, and many major maternity benefit management companies have expanded to cover male infertility services, CEO Pam Poore said.

Details: The round was distributed by Ventures, with participation from FCA Venture Partners and WVV Capital.

  • Funds will be used primarily to hire reproductive urologists — a very small crop of only about 200 practicing in the United States, CEO Pam Poore said.
  • Fresh Capital will also fund the development of the company’s digital platform, which will facilitate in-house evaluation and testing.
  • Pure declined to disclose the company’s valuation or revenue.

How it works: Posterity Health’s digital health platform offers virtual medical appointments, in-home diagnostic capabilities and in-person visits to assess fertility.

  • Postpartum Health offers sperm preservation, semen analysis, diagnostic work-ups, pregnancy loss counseling, vasectomy reversal and gender confirmation care.
  • It works with fertility clinics and obstetricians to provide postpartum health services, which are paid by maternity benefit administrators, payers and self-insured employers.

What’s next: The funding will take Postnatal Health through 2024, though the company may target another increase next year to accelerate expansion, according to Pure.

Game Mode: Fertility is a fast-growing segment attracting venture and private equity dollars, with few players focused specifically on male infertility.

What they say: While other market players mostly focus on diagnostic evaluations, postnatal health patients may pursue treatment, says Pure.

  • “The real difference in terms of what Posterity Health does is that once a man gets an abnormal semen analysis, we’re the place to get treatment and clinical evaluation,” she says.
  • Alternative care sites like academic medical centers often have long wait times and “we don’t have the ongoing technical and customer relationships that we have through our platform,” Poore added.

In numbers: One third of infertility cases are caused by Male reproductive problems.

  • Poor says that 10% of Posterity Health patients with abnormal semen analysis have an underlying health problem.
  • About 30% of Posterity Health patients have treatable hormone imbalances, but male partners often don’t have the service covered by insurance, she says.

The big picture: Fertility is a broad sector, but postpartum health and its investors see male infertility as a market that responds well enough in its own right.

  • “Obviously, this could be something that could be merged with other IVF or fertility companies,” says Shawn Ellis, managing partner at Distributed Ventures. “But there’s enough substance here that this is an independent company that could easily become a big business.”

👶 One interesting thing:- Pure became a grandmother last week, marking the birth of her first grandchild since Posterity Health was founded in 2021.

  • “For these couples in need of treatment, it’s a powerful reminder of how challenging it can be and how life-changing having a baby can be,” she said.

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