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Slowly but surely, state by state, the US is becoming more cannabis-friendly. As the number of states where weed is legalized (or at least decriminalized) is increasing, so are the number of companies developing amazing products for cannabis users.

Do you have a good friend who eats and lives somewhere? Why not enhance their experience this holiday season with some great cannabis-focused technology? The following offerings represent a variety of products from startups, makers, and well-established companies trying to break into the wider market.

There’s something for everyone here – from tools to storage containers to coffee table accessories. None of these fit the bill? Give a pre-package. Everyone loves a good pre-package.

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Image Credits: dianvap

DynaVaps are my go to. They are pocketable and create a large vapor cloud. Think of it as a one-tap vape with a thermometer. First, heat the tip with a torch or an induction heater; The cap will click for about 3 to 5 seconds, letting the user know that the herb is at the correct temperature and ready to brew. Cannabis lasts three to four cycles. Because the cap protects the ground flower from the flames, there’s no burning or smoke — just vapor — and very little odor.

DynaVap vaporizers are CNC machined at the company’s DeForest, Wisconsin, facility. George Brewa started the company in 2015 and currently employs around 40 people. The company sells several versions of the small metal vape, starting with the $50 “B” and ending with the $220 Titanium Omni.

A word of warning: I’ve given many DynaVaps to friends, and I’ve found people either love them or hate them. It takes a little practice to get a good cloud.

Puffco proxy

Image Credits: Matt Burns

Puffco has long led the market with innovative cannabis vaporizers. The Puffco Peak Pro is easily one of the best e-rigs available, and the company has unveiled a new vape called the Proxy. Peak Pro offers the best and can be built into a variety of configurations.

Don’t be distracted by a beautiful faucet. That’s just a piece of glass. The proxy slides into a piece of glass. Think of the proxy as a modular dubbing rig, compatible with any type made for the room. a balloon? for sure. Glass beak? yes. pipe? It’s obvious.

It’s a $299 self-powered tracker with a long-lasting D-cell battery. Inside is the same heating element found in the company’s other flagship product, the Peak Pro. The battery can be charged via USB-C, and the unit comes pre-programmed with four different temperature settings.

Image Credits: Hitoki (Opens in a new window)

Hitoki Saber

Get this: Hitoki Saber uses a high-powered laser to light a plate. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great (and fun) alternative to butane lighters. Just hit a button, and a laser shoots through a sealed plate. Best of all, it works with any piece of glass with the right adapter. Above all, Laser.

Saber is the second device from Hitomi to launch its laser system all-in-one Trident rig. The Trident is much larger than the Saber but has an integrated water chamber and mouthpiece.

Laser lighting your pot is not a cheap solution. Both Hitoki products carry high prices: the Saber costs $359 and the Trident costs $499.

Image Credits: KushKards (Opens in a new window)


KushKards are great. As I said above, if you have nothing else in your life for rocks, give them a prepackage. If you want that pre-package to look special, put it in a cushcard.

Each of these clever greeting cards has a special area designed to hold the pre-package, and is designed with cute one-liners like “World Commons” or “Light Up the Holidays.”

The cards start at $7 and include a holiday-themed one-tap wrapping option.

Image Credits: Indoor plant (Opens in a new window)

Indoor plant car made easy

Seth Rogen’s Weed Brand makes and sells excellent cannabis products. The best? It’s a car lighter. We’ve all burned our thumbs as kids, and now it’s fun to recycle a classic, pop-up truck loader housed in a very sturdy block that’s perfect for a coffee table. Just push the light down – seconds later it pops up ready to light your next joint.

The car lighter is made of marble and comes in two colors, green and gray. At $280, it’s a small statement.

Image Credits: Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is a beautiful coffee table book filled with beautiful pictures of classic strains. It’s marketed as a guide, but for me, it’s a great book to flip through during a cold smoking session. You will learn about the lineage, taste and effects produced by 170 varieties of marijuana. And the photo is special!

For the weed grower in your life, pick this book up instead. Written by Ed Rosenthal (he’s a big deal), The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is a comprehensive resource for turning seeds into bountiful harvests.

Storz and Bickel Power+

Image Credits: Storz and Bickel

Storz and Bickel Power+

This is the best vapor available. It’s reliable, can cook a lot of herbs, and produces some of the best vapor out of any device. Of course, there are drawbacks — including its large size and $399 price tag — but it’s worth it.

Storz and Bickel released the original in 2014 and released an updated version in October 2021. The new Mighty+ features a faster heat-up time, USB-C charging, and a ceramic charging chamber that’s much easier to keep clean than the original unit.

Quick tip: Mighty+ features orange arrow buttons, while the originals are gray. You want the new one.

Markus Storz started working on plant vaporization in 1996. The company still sells the original, basic device, the Volcano, and many other inexpensive products. The company is based in Germany, and its steam equipment carries medical equipment certificates. In 2018, Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth acquired Storz and Bickle. Jürgen Bickel will remain at the company and run day-to-day operations.

Want something small? The Crafty+ is cheaper and smaller but still packs as much power as the Mighty+.

Storage containers

Image Credits: Jonathan Adler (Opens in a new window)

It’s 2022. Don’t put your buds in a plastic bag. The right container will protect your green better, and you have countless options.

The Libby Budshield isn’t subtle, but it does feature a sleek exterior and all-glass construction. $35 for 3.

Steth has a unique design with a smell-proof design and a built-in airtight vacuum sealer. 18 dollars

The top stand mason jar is an improved mason jar. The 8oz jar is child-resistant, made in the USA, and a high-quality koozie made from 100% silicone covers the jar. 30 dollars

Jonathan Adler sells contemporary furniture; In the year Few products are trendier in 2022 than weed. The furniture company has a line of storage containers designed to stand out, including this beautiful clay canister with a giant, hand-painted weed label. 30 dollars

Want to hide your stash? There are countless convertible storage containers available on Amazon and Etsy. This Barbasol version is my favorite. $18.99

Image Credits: Plant pot (Opens in a new window)

(false) potted plant

Give a potted plant this holiday. But it’s not real. These are fake plants designed to be seen. They come in different sizes and types of fakes. Clone (the smaller version) is 10 inches tall and costs $30. It is subtle because, like the actual clone, the plastic plant is pretending to be in a state where there is no bud.

Tin plant is 16 inches tall and has two small buds. The adult is 22-inches with a few foxing buds on the main collar. The $165, 36-inch tall Mother Pot Plant is a monster fake plant with frosty buds growing throughout the plant.

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