A former teacher turned into a candle business in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – When the pandemic forced her business to close, Yasmin Fleming found an opening.

“I’ve always loved smell,” Fleming said.

According to Fleming, a scent can take you to a new place or remind you of an old place. Epidemics became a hobby for Fleming.

“I’ve gained a deeper understanding of making candles, so I feel like a better teacher now,” she said.

A better teacher – maybe a better teacher than you once knew.

“I don’t think I’m done with public education, I like to say I’m inactive,” Fleming said.

She was a teacher for ten years. She may not be active in the classroom, but she works at the Lux & Ash Candle Company in Juliet’s Market.

“Yes, you can take the physical product—the candle with you, but more importantly, this candle will smell like grandma’s house,” she said.

Definition of fragrance Fleming is intense. The idea of ​​the business is to choose your own scent and mix your own candles.

“I’m trying to do things that make me happy,” she said.

But happiness can sometimes create fear.

“It was scary, but I know our kids are watching. I know my former students — I know my daughter is watching,” Fleming said.

Some watch closely – others from afar.

“My grandmother’s handkerchief — I still have it and she’s been gone for over 12 years,” Fleming said. “I don’t wear it often because it still smells like her.”

Smell can bring us back or remind us. It is the smell that can be sensitive.

“She called me her joy,” Fleming said of her grandmother. “That’s what you always say – my happiness, my happiness. So, I think there is a candle of happiness coming soon.”

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