Beyond Plus Size Activewear: Plus Size Outerwear and 5 Communities That Know!

We’ve recently covered plus size activewear and various shopping spots. It’s a great list that’s grown over the years, but what if your active life takes you beyond hiking or running? What if life took you for a walk? Skiing? Others? Then you need a mix of plus size outerwear.

As the years go by, he seems to realize that people are plus people and that we overlap and live a full life. A few years ago we did a giveaway for Snow Country Outerwear, which focuses exclusively on plus size outerwear. Lately, we’ve seen fashionable and practical plus-size ski boats with joy!

After interviewing the Curvy Killi Crew who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, our own plus-size passion for the outdoor life *was* further piqued. Did you know that the Curvy Killi Crew recently produced an award-winning documentary called Killy Big? Currently streaming on Crackle!!

We started digging a little deeper and discovered a number of communities that are at the center of the plus-size outdoor lifestyle and are championing it. So, before you start thinking about plus size outerwear options, we thought we’d share a few people to know in the space and the communities that have checked this out in the plus size space.

5 Plus Size Outdoor Communities You Should Know

1. Go big

“Making Climbing More Accessible for Fat Folks”.

Plus size outdoor communities - go big
Image via Big Climb

Created by Sam Ortiz based in Washington, DC (Commonly known as Big Girls Climb Too)began to climb to work “After struggling to find space outside, she’s becoming more accessible, herself.”

On a mission to rock climb and work outdoors “More Accessible for Fat Folks.” Big Climbing addresses the representation, accessibility, gear and clothing needed for plus-size adventurers to climb safely and confidently. Big Climb provides the help and support you need to do this with confidence.

2. Fat girls walk

“Trails are not scales.”

Plus Size Outdoor Communities - Fat Girls Hiking Inventor - Summer
Image via Fat Girls Walk

Fat Girls’ Walk was created in the summer of Mikad-Skog, a “Self-identifying fat queer woman, who likes hiking.” For summer, the Fat Girls Walk is about “fat activity, body freedom and outdoor community.”

Fat Girls Walk has multiple FGH chapters in 22 cities. If you’re worried about being a slow traveler or holding back the group, fear not! They deliberately set the pace to a slow walk so everyone could participate.

Fat Girls Hiking: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Outdoors at Any Size or Ability
Fat Girls Hiking: A Guide to Getting Outdoors at Any Size or Ability at

He is also the author of the summer Fat girls walk: The Inclusive Guide to Getting Outdoors at Any Size or Ability, a book released last year, to rave reviews! If you want to read about the whats and hows of hiking before diving into it, this is the book for you.

“We want to create a place where obese and marginalized people can come together in the community to create safe spaces outside.”

The team is slowly getting back into events again, follow their Eventbrite page if you’re interested in joining them!

3. Plus size backpacking

“We want to encourage bigger people to help them realize that they can carry a backpack and a backpack that size.”

Plus Size Backpacking was created when Charlotte Buell (@basecampcreative) realized that there was no group on FB specifically for plus size backpackers. Charlotte demanded. “Create a safe and inclusive space for overweight people to ask questions and share knowledge about anything backpacking!!!”

Join 6,000+ other members of this group to ask questions, share stories, or just be curious about the outdoors. Whether you’re an aspiring backpacker, just starting out, or have years and years of experience under your belt, Plus Size Backpacking is a great resource for you.

4. Trail dams

“Trail Ladies is a hiking club for women with kinky natures.”

Plus size outdoor community - TrailDames
Image via Trail Dams

If you love to hike trails, explore the outdoors and do it with others who look and feel like you, then Trail Dames is a group you should check out. Created by President Anna Huttmaker in 2003, she attempted to walk the Appalachian Trail. “I took six months off work, traveled 700 miles, broke my leg and met more amazing people than I ever dreamed of.”

Realizing she’s the only plus-sized person on the trails, knowing she can’t keep all the fun to herself, Anna creates this group, decides to share, and Trail Dames is born.

Trail Dams is the mission. “Welcome, teach women of all shapes, sizes, and experience and fitness levels to explore nature responsibly. Trail Dames offers safe and supportive activities that promote personal growth, friendships, confidence, self-esteem and a love of the outdoors.”

5. Impossible travelers

“Welcome here.

Nature is endlessly diverse and so are we. We are nature.”

Impossible travelers It is a “A diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating outsider community highlights the underrepresented outsider.” Created by following Jenny Brousseau. For the past 6 ½ years of Unlikely Hikers, Jenny has led over 100 hikes in 17 states.

Not only that, but Jenny also had a hand in creating the first plus size bag line with Gregory Packs and even co-designed the iconic Hikers shoe at @Merrell, going beyond the standard offerings in both “women’s” and “men’s” fit and a wider width option.

Plus-size outdoor communities - unlikely travelers
Image by way of unseemly passengers

“Yes, the people outside are not biased. We know the trails, the trees, the lakes, and more don’t keep us from going outside, nor does anyone accept a handwritten invitation, but isolation isn’t always verbal.

With Unlikely Hikers, you can experience an Instagram community, a national hiking group, and a fun hiking podcast.

Aren’t these interesting and fun plus size outdoor communities? For those of you who are curious and want to explore your passion for hiking, climbing, backpacking and more, we hope that one of these communities will help you on your own journey.

If you are already a part of these openings, be sure to drop a comment below to let us know what your experience was.

And for those of you who are here to find some cute plus size outerwear options, we’ve got it! We were surprised that some of the options we found came from some unexpected places.

But if you’re looking for jumpsuits, snow pants, or even oversized water gear, we have a few options to play with. Keep scrolling for 11 fun and practical plus size outerwear finds!

11 fun and practical plus size outerwear finds

If your plus size active life takes you beyond walking, running, hiking or even skiing? Then you need a mix of plus size outerwear! We’ve got a few options and more.

Fun and exciting discoveries, right? We made a point to include options and brands that carry at least 3X the size. We’ve even got a few that go through the 6X size!

Do you explore life outside? Which options piqued your interest the most?

When it comes to outerwear sizing, where do you see yourself? If this is your lifestyle, what tips or suggestions can you share with us to help your TCF family member?

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