Cervical cancer is now covered by the 9/11 Survivors Health Program after years of pressure

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After years of pressure from 9/11 survivors and first responders, ovarian cancer is the latest addition to the list of health conditions covered under the World Trade Center Health Program, federal health officials said. He decided on WednesdayIt allows individuals linked to the 2001 attacks to receive free treatment for the disease.

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Many individuals who were part of the rescue and recovery efforts after 9/11 or who were exposed to the dust caused by the attack were exposed to diseases, including carcinogens that caused ovarian cancer.

But officials initially believed there was insufficient evidence linking 9/11 chemical exposure to ovarian cancer, according to a federal Department of Health and Human Services document announcing the policy change.

The action comes after N. For HHS From Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D.N.J.) earlier this month and A Proposal It will begin covering Ovarian Cancer, which was released last year.

Some women have been waiting more than a decade for cervical cancer to develop, Pallon wrote on January 9 Letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra“It’s been eight months since the regulation came out and these women and their families are still waiting,” he said.

John Howard, WTC’s health program manager, made the decision. Cover fills the critical gap-Prior to Wednesday’s announcement, only female-focused cancers were covered under the list. BreastIt has been on this list since 2013.

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In the year As of September 2022, the World Trade Center Health Program reported more than 120,000 respondents and 23 percent of survivors were female program participants. CDC data.

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In the year First responders and survivors can get free screening, counseling and, if necessary, treatment for illnesses covered under the program at no out-of-pocket cost. Some members of Congress tried to fill a funding gap in the program late last year, but congressional leadership cut the measure from a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill to fund the government.

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How many people does this affect?

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