Fake Nunes previews Syracuse Orange MBB vs Georgia Tech


Welcome back, fake Nunes fans. Analytical staff as Syracuse Orange Go deeper into the 2022-23 ACC basketball season. Let’s move on to a preview of Syracuse’s next opponent…

Opponent: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Location: Atlanta, GA

Students: 39,771 Calculus Study Sessions for Students Who Don’t Skip the Hoops Game

2022-23 Fake Nuns Tumult Equation (#FNET)

College basketball is full of metrics that no one really understands, so we’re giving you more laughs in this year’s review. FNET Measure.

Head Coach Casual Bench Wear:

Josh Pastner is so sick of in-your-face shield jokes that he’s now dressed as a junior high school history teacher.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Georgia Tech

Dale Zanin-America Today Sports

Jim Boeheim mocked the neck 14 Zip the other night. They’re not returning it side by side.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse vs. Miami (FL)

Jason Vinlove-America Today Sports

Benefit: Syracuse


Another game where the home team has better uniforms. Georgia Tech wearing gold at home is a nice break from the norm.

NCAA Basketball: NC State at Georgia Tech

Brett Davis-America Today Sports

Advantage: Georgia Tech

Basketball Program Hashtag:

Not even one from #Abren.

It hits on a family theme while linking to the nickname/mascot – a well-crafted hashtag.

Advantage: Georgia Tech

Program management;

A new category where we look at the programs and see what they are trying to do to get support from the fans.

If your program has to post about their incoming recruits this early, it’s a good sign that the current team is struggling.

Advantage: Syracuse..and not because the Orange don’t have a recruit signed for next season.


Syracuse was down by seven points four minutes into the game. Jim Boeheim’s voice echoes through the arena. Especially when he’s stomping his feet and turning to yelling. Meanwhile, Josh Pastner is trying to find any connection to the man at Notre Dame as he figures out his next move. The Orange led by two points at half-time and went into the final twenty minutes behind strikes from Chris Bell and Justin Taylor. John Boll Ajax drew a shout from Boeheim as the teams headed to the touchline to tie the game with a windmill dunk try.


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