ITI makes 14 recommendations in Technology Policy Roadmap 2023. Jason Oxman mentioned

Technology trade group ITI has announced 2023 Technology Policy Roadmap Outlining 14 recommendations for improving America’s economic competitiveness.

In order for the US to remain economically competitive, it must advance policies that support technology and the technology ecosystem. Jason OxmanITI President and CEO said in a statement published on Tuesday.

ITI’s legislative and policy recommendations provide a roadmap for U.S. lawmakers and the Biden administration as they explore workforce development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, privacy and more,” added Oxman.

of Recommendations Acceptance of the AI ​​described in the document; strengthening cyber security; modernizing public sector information technology; Addressing climate change; The rise of digital commerce; Customizing export controls and investment restrictions; improving supply chain resilience; deployment of next generation telecommunications; and strengthening US semiconductor manufacturing.

On the AI ​​front, the trade association called on the White House and Congress to accelerate implementation of the AI ​​Risk Management Framework for National Standards and Technology to manage AI risks and advance AI adoption.

He urged the current administration to work with the private sector to implement the May 2021 Cybersecurity Executive Order and improve the transparency and security of software supply chains and federal networks.

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