Looking for the most stylish and functional plus size activewear? Here are 30 places to find them!

happy new year! We’re well into January, the month when many people make resolutions to be more active. You know, the new year, the new me… Many are here to make the new year, the same me statements! So, what happens when you’re looking for the perfect plus size activewear?

Years ago, we were only forced to black options, boring options, depressing options…

Women's Firm Support High Waisted 78 Leggings with Pocket Plus Size Activewear
Women’s Firm Support High Waisted 7/8 Foot Shoe with Pockets in Plus Size at Nike.com

But now? You can find plus size workout options that are cute, functional, and fashionable! Where can you find 3 in 1? Well, fear not, we’ve got plenty of plus size activewear options that we think you’ll love.

We think these findings will keep you motivated, motivated and determined to hit your personal fitness goals – no matter where you are in your personal fitness journey. So to help you out, we’ve found a handful of designers, brands, and retailers that make the most fun plus-size activewear options!

30 places to shop for plus size Active clothing

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What about those fun plus size activewear options?

Where do you get your exercise equipment? Got a few new ones to check out?

Our era has passed they have Default to t-shirts and sweats. Not that there’s anything wrong with this get-up, but if you want a little more, we’ve got some new options to play with.

Designers and brands are realizing our purchasing power, and figuring out how to meet our needs. We are here and we need and want more. Not far from these options is the athleisure trend, which isn’t going away anytime soon!

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30 places to shop for plus size activewear

So what do you think of these plus size activewear options to rock for the new year? Have we shared some new ones for you to play? Let us know who you rock with and whose favorite you’ve found!

Comment below with your top favorites!

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