Our favorite picks from the Rebdolls Activewear collection

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Still looking for plus size activewear that puts fun into action? Well, the new Rebdolls Activewear collection has dropped, and it’s bright, playful and fashion forward. If you’re looking for fun colors, body-conscious fits, and fun functional collections, you should check out this Rebdolls Activewear collection we’re serving up!

For those of you who don’t know, Rebdolls was created in 2014 by Grisel Paula, a Plus model-turned-business-owner. According to her. “’Why are options less fashionable than styles in plus sizes?’ – That’s where the journey to start Rebdolls began.

Excitingly, Rebdolls by AKA Brands in Fall 2019. This move has strengthened the base of Rebdolls and what they have to offer. According to AKA Brands, “We help our brands maximize their potential as they lead the next generation in fashion. As a platform, Aka allows brands to grow faster and founders to focus on the aspects of their business they love.”

Rebdolls Activewear- Prints by Dara Brown Mixed Signals Abstract Print Wide Leg Sweatpants
Prints by Trust Brown Mixed Signals Abstract Poster Wide Leg Sweatpants at Rebdolls.com

But back to the new Rebdolls activewear collection. Available through 5X (30/32), the Rebdolls activewear collection offers a collection of leggings, tracksuits and sweats, all in a variety of colors and hues to convey the boldness and confidence that Rebdolls is known for.

So, have you been on the hunt for plus size activewear, and the current options just don’t move you? Check out what we found and our favorite looks from the Rebdolls activewear collection.

Our favorite picks from the Rebdolls Activewear collection

“We are a boldly inspired brand for the city girl who isn’t afraid to stand out. Our mantra: Focused on excellence.” Rebdolls

Looking for plus size activewear that puts the fun into action? The new Rebdolls Activewear collection has dropped, and it’s bright and playful!

See why we have to share the range with you? There are definitely some interesting options that have piqued our interest. Whether you’re looking for a more supportive plus size loungewear or want some cute fit for your active life, you’ve got some cute options to play with.

You can shop the collection and more at Rebdolls.com.

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When it comes to activewear, what are you missing?

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Let us know, what did you think of the Rebdolls collection? Do you have experience buying from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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