Parvathy from Advocate to an Entrepreneur and a Foodpreneur

Parvathy says Food is something that no one can say no to. There are variety of foods that are offered at Great Indian Food also known as GIF. Great Indian Food is a venture that has altogether changed the food industry with its millet superfoods.

With the upcoming year 2023, being declared International Year of Millets by the United Nations a unique business has made to the sensational talks.Parvathy  GIF is an initiative that aims to provide healthy and nutritional food from its Millet Ready to Cook food to the people who crave for tasty and mouth-watering food without much hard work. Selling food through various digital platforms, Great Indian Food products have made their way through the hearts of people. 

Great Indian Food is a Ready-to-Cook Millet-Super Foods that was brought into the market by Parvathy Sreekumar. She is the founder of the business and is based in Kerala. Currently it is one the fastest growing business in the startup segment. Parvathy has seen people craving for tasty food but yet they cannot have it because of their health. As she saw this happening, she thought to bring a change, a change where all could have what ever they wanted without worrying about their health. Their motto is, ‘Health is Happiness.’ 

Parvathy Sreekumar in an exclusive conversation to us revealed their future plans, current situation of the business and a lot about her past. In an interaction where we went through her business and her life, she shared some absolutely stunning and wonderful things about Parvathy


Q: Parvathy, tell us and audience about your business?

A: It is a unique food business, where we offer ready-to-cook products to our customers. Unlike other packaged foods we are very different. Usually what happens in the packed food is that the they are adulterated and even after packing their nutritional value starts falling and are not much beneficial.  We provide ready to cook food under various categories such as Superfoods Range, Baby food Range and Ready-to-Cook range which is full of nutritional value. 

Q: When did you start your business? 

A: It was during the COVID times that me and my sister-in-law were thinking to start something of our own. Everything was at halt and we had ample time, after brainstorming ideas we decided to establish a venture related to food. That is how our journey started and we had our own startup. 

Q: What was your motivation behind this business?

A: I’m diagnosed with diabetes from last 17 years and it usually happens that I want to each something specific but I cannot to make sure that my sugar levels are normal. I saw this happening with everyone who were sacrificing one thing or other thing. As we came across Millet Diet it was both healthy and tasty and I testify this personally that from last one year I’m on Millet Diet wherein my blood sugar level has been under control and my cholesterol levels have become normal. 

And now when a customer makes a purchase and they give feedback that is of appreciation, positive results and how they can now eat whatever with a smile motivates Parvathy and my team. 


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