Southeast Health wants to receive more property taxes


DOTAN, Ala. (W) – Southeastern Health plans to collect more property taxes that voters long ago approved for the hospital and the giant medical care network.

The hospital is seeking a $1.5 million increase, which would bring the amount it receives to four million.

A mill is one dollar in thousands of property values.

That proposal was presented to Houston County.

More than 70 years ago, voters approved a four-mill property tax for the county hospital, then the whole of Southeast Alabama.

As the establishment prospered, the tax was reduced to one per mile and remained at this rate for years.

The hospital then went to the county commission around 2013 and had Southeastern Health move 1.5 miles back to cover the costs of the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Now, the hospital is requesting the remaining 1.5 miles of the four miles voters approved.

“(Southeastern Health) has been allowed to receive four mills on every dollar of taxable property in the county since 1949,” the hospital’s board of directors said in a statement.

The proposed amendment would add $15 per year to a property valued at $100,000 and provide more than $2 million in annual funding to Southeast Health.

“This comes at a time when health systems nationwide have seen significant increases in labor, drug and supply costs,” the hospital said.

It was not immediately clear whether commissioners could reject the increase after voters approve it.

People who are exempt from estate tax due to age or disability are not affected by the millage hike.

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