TikToker brings all the 90s fashion nostalgia

It has become very clear that the fashion of the 90s has made a big comeback in a very cool way.

One of the best things to pop up on social media lately, especially TikTok, is a user who brings true 90s fashion to her videos.

TikToker Jamie Rae is a shocker from the past with her decade-style outfits paired with ’90s tunes, especially country, which make this one even better. What I love about Jamie’s videos is when her followers comment on how their mothers used to dress and she recreates that style flawlessly.

She has it all, from big curls to melting eyeliner!

You have to see this for yourself.

I wish I could share them all. She truly captures the 90s looks that many of us can remember like it was yesterday.

I remember how my mom used to dress when I was a kid and wanted to comment on Jamie’s posts to see if she would make a video for me.

There are so many trends in the 90’s that I’m so excited it’s back in trend. Especially hoop earrings and vintage Wrangler jeans.

Jami’s TikTok account is a must see. Do you remember how your mom dressed in the 90s? Have you yourself dressed up in the videos Jamie has posted?

What trends do you miss the most?

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