What is Gorpcore? Where to buy the popular fashion trend

Carabiners in preparation – it’s time to talk about Gorpikor. Whether you’ve heard the term thrown around a million times by your hiking buddies, or you’ve never heard of it before, gorpcore is a beauty to know. But what is Gorpikor? And is “gorp” even a real word?

Thanks to loyal fans of outdoor style, it is now. Gorpcore focuses on utilitarian (more useful than attractive) clothing designed to keep you on the slopes, keep the rain out and cool while camping, and carry the essentials on your nature-based activities. Fashion. Think ultra-functional sneakers, Nalgene water bottles, windbreakers and fleece pullovers.

Confusing, we know. But while these new aesthetics may seem dime a dozen, it’s worth knowing the new terms the Internet is creating to describe different styles. Understanding dozens of “core” styles can help you pinpoint specific styles you can Google for pre-shopping inspiration, leading to better buys and a closet you’ll enjoy. So if camp-chic windbreakers, puffer coats, cargo pants and Gorpicor waterproof shoes are on your mind, you’ll want to read this guide that answers all your questions – from “what is Gorpicor” to how to buy.

Where does the name Gorpkor come from and what does “gorp” mean?

Gorp is an acronym. It’s an acronym for the phrase “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” commonly used by hikers to describe different trail mixes. of Los Angeles Times In the year In 1997 he wrote about the term, “[Gorp has] It is a mixture of all kinds of dried fruits and nuts, often mixed with chocolate or other snack foods.

The term “Gorpicor” was first used in an article by Jason Chen. The cut In the year In the year In 2017, it was coined to describe the Patagonia-wearing, fur-loving, “ugliest” outdoor clothing that was slowly starting to appear that year.

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Why is Gorpikor appearing?

Gorpcore has traditionally been a functional and functional outerwear wearer, not for its intended use, explains stylist Todd Johnson. CNN. While Gorpicor enthusiasts have unique reasons for sticking to the fashion trend, common advantages include comfort, functionality, and accessibility.

The aesthetic takes pieces that aren’t intended for fashion (like a pair of functional, waterproof ankle boots) and intentionally embellishes them to create a ~look~. You may already have gorpkor stuff in your closet without realizing it – that fleece your mom bought you from North Face three years ago is all gorpkor.

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What styles and accessories are part of Gorpikor’s aesthetic?

There’s the luxury Gorpikor (think $1500 ski jackets), the street-style Gorpikor (Bella and Kendall sometimes sport this vibe), and the ultra-functional Gorpikor that’s ready to go climbing at a moment’s notice. But there are some distinctive gorepikor styles that slip through each subcategory: puffer coats, ponchos, rain jackets, fleeces, and colored coats you’ll want to stock up on. For shoes, any weather, all-purpose shoes will do – think Tevas sandals, hiking boots and noiseless dad shoes are Gorpicor needs. Oh, and don’t forget your reusable water bottle and hiking bag.

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Which famous people have worn Gorpicor clothes?

Everyone from Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and A$AP Rocky to Justin and Hailey Bieber have gotten into the gorepicor trend. Haile recently went out in casual clothes in order to Gorpcore – The model wore a colorful sundress with a forest green baseball cap and chunky brown sneakers for an outing with friends in Los Angeles.

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Her husband, Justin Bieber, has gotten in on the gorepicor action before with a look of his own, layering a colorful, camp-ready windbreaker with a New York sweatshirt, baggy jeans and functional sneakers. He shivered even through the black star-like pimple patches.

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What are some Gorpicor brands?

Unsurprisingly, many Gorpicor brands are outdoor, hiking and camping gear apparel brands. These are just a few common places to buy Gorpikor clothing.

How can I buy Gorpikor beauty?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Gorpicor picks for you to buy for yourself, gift to a Gorpist friend, or find inspiration below.

Synchilla® Fleece Anorak
Fleece Synchilla® Fleece Anorak
Hit the slopes with a printed wool jacket
The FP movement hit the slopes of the printed wool jacket
Denali pullover
The North Face Denali Pullover
Rope bag
Nalgene durable graphic water bottle
REI Co-op Nalgene Sustainable Graphic Water Bottle
Small waterproof hiking bag
Sunhiker small water resistant hiking bag
Geotreka medium
Revolt HI TX Olive
Palladium Revolution HI TX Olive
All systems Storm XLT2
Teva All Gender Storm XLT2

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