Will Fashion Fortune support the LA Rams in Week 6?

The correlation between what the LA Rams team wears and how well the team performs may seem silly. It may sound superstitious. But now it’s hard to deny. Fans chanted the old “It’s great! Yesterday’s football commercials promoting Miller Lite beer. But maybe we’re on the wrong track altogether.

We’ve been keeping track of how well the LA Rams are doing with their various uniform combinations, and sadly, the best color so far is a uniform that features bone white. Why are you sad? Well, that’s the most popular color among Rams fans. And as the Rams ditch bone white from their uniform palette, the team is unwittingly stripping wins from the program.

What do I mean? Check out the records of various uniform color combinations from the past.

2020 uniform combination

Bone / bone 5-1
Royal / Sol 2-2
Royal/Bone 3-0
Royal / Royal 0-3
Bone / Royal 1-1
Bone / Sole 0-1

Total 11-7

Bone is clearly the most successful color of all the Rams uniforms in 2020. The LA Rams have an 8-2 record playing in bone white and are 3-5 in any color combination without that color.

2021 consistent combination

White / Sol 2-1
Bone / Royal 2-1
Bone / bone 3-0
Royal / Royal 0-1
Royal/Sunday 4-0
Royal/Bone 3-1
Bone/Soul 2-0
White / Royal 0-1

Total 16 – 5

In the year In 2021, the Rams’ Bone White reigned supreme, as any uniform combination that included Bone White produced the LA Rams’ 10-2 record. Without Bones White, the LA Rams had to settle for a 6-3 mark.

2022 Rams uniform tracker

Now for the 2022 uniform. In Week 6, how have the LA Rams fared so far?

  • The result of the opponent’s jersey pants of the week
  1. 1 bill white sole L 10-31
  2. 2 Hawk Bone Sol W 31-27
  3. 3 over Cardinals Bone Royal W 20-12
  4. 4 by 49ers White Royal L 24-9
  5. 5 Cowboys White Sole L 22-10
  6. 6 Panthers Royal Soul??
  7. 7 bye
  8. 8 49ers Royal
  9. 9 by Buccaneers Royal
  10. 10 Cardinals Royal
  11. 11 in Saints White
  12. 12 heads white
  13. 13 Seahawks Royal
  14. 14 Raiders Royal
  15. 15 in Packers White
  16. 16 Royal Broncos
  17. 17 in chargers white
  18. 18 by Seahawks White

If the LA Rams truly ditch their bone white uniforms, fad or not, it looks like the team should be gearing up for muddy waters ahead. Now, the Rams’ jerseys for the rest of the season are either Royal Blue or Throwback Classic White.

The uniform of choice for Week 6 is the Royal Blue Jersey and Sole Pants. The LA Rams have an all-time record of 6-2 in that data. For a complete breakdown of this combination, let’s revisit the Rams 2021 schedule in the Royal/Sol combination:

6th week: @ NYGiants Royal/Sol W 38-11
Wildcard round: Arizona Cardinals Royal/Sol W 34-11
Division Round@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Royal/Soul W 27-24
conference roundSan Fran Royal / Sol W 20-17 vs

If the pattern continues, the Rams should be the winners in Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers. Does Fashion Fortune favor the LA Rams? Well, let’s hope so. The LA Rams are in a much better position at 3-3 than 2-4. Hopefully, the Rams uniform will help the team secure a win.

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