A new learning center from CommunityWorks has opened in Judson Mill.

The past few weeks have been busy for the non-profit organization. CommunityWorks.

In September Latori Ger After being named to the position in August, he will officially begin as CEO and the organization is opening its new learning center in a newly renovated space. Judson Mill Located at 701 Easley Bridge Road.

Latori Ger

After spending 10 years with the company, the last four of which she served as COO, she said she was well prepared for the role, citing the training she received during her time with the company.

“We’re really investing in our team and I think they’re excited about the opportunities they’re going to have in the organization,” Gere said.

After joining the team as a program manager, working her way up from director of operations to COO and now CEO, she has watched the organization grow and expand to meet current needs. At the same time, she served the team through an unprecedented health crisis caused by the pandemic. In return, CommunityWorks has been able to support small business owners by administering more than $9 million to more than 600 individuals across the state.

“I’m very grateful that we’re nimble and able to adapt quickly to the needs of the community,” she says.

Introducing CommunityWorks Learning Center

Now as another way to improve the local community CommunityWorks He opened the new Learning Center at Judson Mill.

Considered the old behemoth of local mill buildings, the Judson Mill was once the largest mill in Greenville County, operated by Milliken, outside of downtown and west Greenville.

Feeding and seed

In recent years, the mill has undergone a major renovation, converting more than 800,000 square feet of historic building space into loft apartments and amenities such as a community pool, fitness center and courtyard, as well as a recreation center. Blok Heaven climbing gym and a country themed music venue Cowboy Up Night LightNot including the huge food center Food and seedProviding food to communities in the Upstate.

Now add to that the CommunityWorks Learning Center.

of CommunityWorks Learning Center at JudHub In the year It opened Aug. 25 and offers events to help community members, including free or affordable training sessions on finance and entrepreneurship and office hours for entrepreneurs to meet with business coaches.

“We’re bringing community assets to the community that once felt abandoned, but now they’re really seeing the benefits to the area,” Geer said.

Her vision is as community-oriented as possible, whether through affordable housing or job creation.

“We are excited to be able to offer our learning center … and training opportunities,” Gier said.

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