Dior mania and K-Pop have overtaken menswear at Paris Fashion Week

Paris — Dior Mania at Paris Fashion Week menswear went down on Friday as more than a thousand screaming fans flocked to the iconic Place de la Concorde to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, some risking their lives in the rush hour traffic.

The event’s VIP guests, including David Beckham, Naomi Campbell and members of Korean band BTS, J-Hope and Jimmy, caught the crowd like salmon swimming down the stream.

Inside, Dior designer Kim Jones pays tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, who became the world’s youngest couturier at the age of 21 on Christian Dior’s death in 1957.

Here are some highlights from the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 collections:


In the year In 1958, Saint Laurent unveiled his first collection for Christian Dior. It was an international event where the designer attracted thousands upon thousands of screaming fans. Some things don’t change even in 65 years.

Kim Jones used that women’s collection as inspiration for his men’s — reflecting the contrast between masculine and feminine and British tailoring and coats.

Jones captured the fluidity to produce a gender-neutral display with soft shapes and a slim waist. Untucked dresses cut a nice trapeze figure, as did smart white knit sweaters with sleeves cut to wrap like ponchos.

Jones has done his homework. In his debut at Saint Laurent, he abandoned Dior’s cinched waists and long fabrics in favor of more fluid shapes where the body was lost, creating a trapeze silhouette.

Some of Jones’ styles, like the updated sailor top, were lifted straight from the 1958 archives.

But this spectacular show was more than a celebration. Three-dimensional printed shoes followed the trend’s organza jackets down the ranks, and looked fierce yet feminine. Dressed off the shoulder in an embellished pearl coat, it evokes at once a sly rebellion and an opening flower.


The unique combination of celebrity, artistry, hysteria, beauty and heady perfume at the Dior show easily conquered the senses. It began with spectacularly filmed performances, with actors Gwendoline Christie and Robert Pattinson reciting verses from TS. Elliot, interspersed with images from the Dior collection.

“I’m really, really happy to be at the Dior show,” Christie told the AP. It’s no surprise that Kim Jones is one of the greatest lifestyle designers we have. I am very lucky that he is so old. my friend”

But even Arif Christie, the star of both the Dior show and “Game of Thrones,” seemed overwhelmed when it came to BTS’s Jimin when reporters gave her a split second.

Paul Smith changes the ages

Smith has entered the history books since the 1970s for a thoughtful display that seems to fuse London with the city of the 1870s.

A coat with a sheer coat showed this off perfectly. It came out at the back as if it had been fashioned on Baker Street, and if it had come with a pipe it could have been worn by Sherlock Holmes.

Elsewhere, a high white collar had a 19th-century feel, while a black velvety coat with a large collar showed off a beautiful textured thickness.

Such old-fashioned musings gave him a more edgy style than usual for the fall-winter season, but it was a nice change.

In the year In the 1970s, Smith’s touchstone was also popular. The designs included checked coats, bright blue printed trousers and colorful dresses with broad, rounded shoulders.

The best looks blend the two eras, like a loose cerulean trench coat with a voluminous lining, paired with a split blue silk foulard.

Boater is a superlative.

Rushemi Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh’s fall fare featured vibrant colors and kinky creek sparkles.

If there was one overarching theme in Botter’s ever-creative and eccentric show, it was certainly the danger.

A blue bikini was playfully stitched over a shiny satin blouse. The outer layer of the suit jacket peels away to reveal a snakeskin-like underside. A mermaid look with a salmon print on a tight skirt descends to a split metal satin skirt “tail”. A neon-pink sweater placed on the front of another sweater was tongue-in-cheek at how cold the Paris weather was.

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