Negaunee teachers learn how to administer mental health first aid

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) – Negaune and Westwood High School teachers learned how to identify and respond to a student experiencing a mental health emergency.

The course offered by RESA in Marquette Algiers lasted for eight hours and equipped the teachers well in carrying out various activities. MARESA First Aid Trainee Rachel Bloch said teachers have a great opportunity to meet students on the day.

“So we use an action plan called ALG. A is how to approach the young man. L. How do you listen to a student without judgment? How do you offer them comfort and hope if they are going through a mental health challenge? Bloch said. “How do you encourage them to see a professional and then how do you encourage them to have a self-care plan?”

Bloch said every student’s case is different and teachers can now plan accordingly. Negaune High School Principal Andrew Brunet said Friday’s course was important to keep students safe.

“A big part of our strength here at Negaunee High School is our staff. “It’s clear that we’re excited and excited to be able to provide our staff with additional tools to better serve our students,” Brente said.

Brunet said Friday’s training is just one step in the school’s larger goal for its students.

“Our main goal is to eventually start an Adolescent Mental Health First Aid program here at Negaunee High School for our students. But the first step in that process was getting all of our teaching staff trained in mental health first aid before we started.

Bloch Marquette Alger said RESA is hosting a similar event Saturday for Northern Michigan University education professionals.

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