Goodbye fashion fatigue – hello eclectic dressing

Whether you’re gearing up for breezy weather with cute sweaters, gearing up for a crisp equestrian look for fall, or refreshing your wardrobe with energizing Barbie pink, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and fall trends are ready to bring back the playfulness. dress up.

With sequins, leather and a little lace, this season’s statement embodies sensuality and dynamic attitudes.

Visit 1001 Broad St. to inspire your wardrobe palette. Harley David, owner and fashion director of Harley David LLC in Utica, is here to show you the trends that everyone can see.

Look at the skin

Daring a worried skin, he passed his head in the doorway. From James Dean and Maverick style bomber jackets to pants, wrap dresses, tank tops, skirts, handbags and outerwear, clothing is taking on a sexier edge by incorporating leather – real or fake – across the board.

Suggestion: Consider pairing a distressed leather jacket with a lace skirt and a large colorful tote.

Let’s talk Grange

Get ready for a revival of old t-shirts and cargo pants as more Y2K trends come back. The gritty tones provide a strong denim effect, while the oversized, baggy style adds to the comfort of the bag. While ripped jeans and ripped fabric are still on trend, poodle jumpers and wide-leg jeans dominate this season’s trends.

Suggestion: Pair a nice cotton t-shirt with oversized poodle jumper jeans. Play with street style for the office—mix it with a pinstripe blazer and a navy leather pencil skirt.

A little preparation

A preppy version is on the rise, featuring classic flared skirts and vests. For the school girl, look for tennis and low-rise mini skirts, plus-size shirts, knitwear and tweed jackets with elbow pads. In this look, chunky platforms and closures add a touch of modernity, while old favorites like Mary Janes and loafers bring a playful nature.

Pro tip: A fitted mini dress is a must-have in every preppy wardrobe. Consider complementing this staple with over-the-top rich and colorful ties.

Prepare to reflect

Sequins and rhinestones will stand out from the season. As if to reject the epidemic of warming hats and lounge sets, designers embraced the need to be sleek and stylish, showing off pleated skirts, crystal-embellished crop tops and other glitz. No longer considered event-worthy, this eye-catching funky frill can be seen with everything from suits to jeans and even pants.

Pro tip: Don’t expect the holidays to be over-the-top. A metallic maxi dress with a leather jacket or a white top or a pair of pants with a cable knit sweater.

Add color

Classic fall tones like gray, vanilla-latte beige, brown and cream remain classic neutrals. However, instead of the usual orange and red colors, this year’s must-have colors are blue, golden yellow, and – the surprising statement color of the season – fuchsia pink.

Comment: Afraid to play with paint? Try pairing a cotton white t-shirt with a tan blazer, black pants (or leather pants if you’re ready to go for it), and wear a bright pink or blue scarf.


Oversized leather accessories, hobo bags and detailed hardware will be all the rage this year. From sculpted handles to thin chains, handbags are finding a way to incorporate drama, fun and luxury into every detail. However, one of the unexpected surprises of the season may have been the return of the bag. A new take on the work bag, bags are setting the stage for drama as they come dressed in distressed leather, in wraps and colors – like deep blues and pinks.

Tip: Control this year’s trend with bright colors and hardware featuring bags. Offset a grunge outfit with a yellow beaded handbag, compliment event styles with a large hobo bag, or scream Barbie pink with a leather pink flap bag over your office outfit. Most of all, have fun and let who you are shine through in your clothes.

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