Hailey Bieber debuts her beautiful new bob on TikTok

Hailey Bieber proves it’s never too late for a “New Year, New You” haircut.

The model showed off a stunning new hairstyle on social media yesterday. Tik Tok followers were treated to a close-up clip of her ‘do—a bold bob that frames her face and ends above her shoulders.

For the reveal, the style star wore a leather zip-up bomber emblazoned with the University of Miami logo over a black cropped sweater and black sweats. She finished her look with a pair of navy sneakers and small rectangular shades with a tortoise-shell frame.

“Wow 🔪👩🏼‍🍳💇🏼‍♀️,” read the jokey caption of the clip.

Bieber shared the new black-and-blonde bob on Instagram, showing it off in her huge closet and adding a similarly humorous caption.

Hayley bieber bob haircut tiktok instagram

Hailey Bieber//Instagram

Between Bieber’s straight top cut and Zendaya’s recent flaunting of her own fiery bob, the long-loved style may be trending as we head deeper into 2023. It joins the many beauty obsessions inspired by the Rod founder. The skin that made the list of your favorite moments of 2022 to the ever-evolving nail trend of the same name.

Bieber has talked about it before. BAZAAR.com She and her manicurist have the versatility of shiny donut nails Zola Ganzoritt. They come in a variety of colors, from the classic chocolate and strawberry to holiday themed candy canes.

“I’ll never be on them. I think glitter donut nails work all year round. You can probably do them any color you want,” she said.

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