Industrial AI firm ONEPREDICT appoints COO to expand global business and lead new US unit.

ONEPREDICT incorporated its first overseas legal entity. San FranciscoUS, to expand global customer touch points.

Bharat Vats, an AI/IoT business thought leader and senior executive, has been named to the newly created role of chief operating officer (COO) and chief development officer (CGO) to strengthen strategies for global expansion.

SEOUL, South Korea, January 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –ONEPREDICT, a South Korean industrial AI-based predictive maintenance (PdM) solution company, has named Bharat Vats as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of its newly incorporated US entity.San Jose, California) and Chief Development Officer (CGO) of South Korea In an effort to enter the global market.

Watts is a veteran with more than two decades of global business experience, leading significant corporate growth strategies in the utilities, energy, semiconductor, and oil and gas industries. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric, IBM, and Danaher, as a unique insight provider in the technology sector. Before joining A predictionAs Chief Revenue Officer, Vats was leading revenue and business growth at PARC, a research and development company owned by Xerx Corporation, an AIA and IoT-based PDM business.

ONEPREDICT plans to expand its international business by increasing touch points with customers and partners North AmericaIncorporating a US component and using local business professionals as a cornerstone. Moreover, starting with the world’s largest power generation exhibition ‘POWERGEN International 2023’, which will be held next month, GUARDIONE® Products will be presented worldwide to industry officials through various channels.

As the nation’s industry AI leader, A prediction GUARDIONE provides® A product family that provides predictive and predictive solutions for key industrial assets with the company’s original industrial AI technology. Serving high-end clients in a wide range of industries such as high-tech manufacturing, power generation, petrochemicals and utilities, GUARDIONE® It is striving to deliver more value to global workplaces by exploiting global growth markets.

Prof Byng oneFounder and CEO of ONEPREDICT, “Our global expansion is fueled by the experience, data, customer portfolio and quantitative effectiveness of being the nation’s No. 1 industrial AI company. Now we’re moving into the second phase. Business growth, and our predictive and predictive solutions are shaping the future of PdM for the wider world.” We want to see that the world is preaching.

“With an average consolidated growth of 36%, the global PDM market is one of the most promising markets undergoing expansion,” said Vats, “We are introducing disruptive industrial AI technology developed by world-class scientists.” and engineers at A predictionTo develop industrial users with new, better and more accurate PDM equipment for international markets.

About the Guardian®

Guard® It is an industrial AI-based digital twin solution that analyzes industrial big data (noise, vibration, electrical current and temperature signals, etc.) of key industrial assets to diagnose asset health, predict potential failures, and estimate the root causes of errors. , and make digital O&M decisions. Guard® It focuses on reducing downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs caused by regulation-based management in major industrial facilities related to turbomachinery, engines and power supply systems to improve their utilization.


ONEPREDICT offers an industrial AI-based digital twin solution, GUARDIONE®To digitize industrial asset management. By leveraging industrial data based on original industrial AI technology, combining depth of domain knowledge and rich AI algorithms, the company has successfully delivered some of the most challenging projects spanning manufacturing, energy, power distribution, oil and consumer. gas, and semiconductor industries. ONEPREDICT is growing as a global leader in industrial AI by introducing GUARDIONE.® A solution that provides new health insights of industrial assets derived from advanced technology and rich industry knowledge. For more information, please visit the official website (

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