Tech is the name of the game for Truckstop client Hardee Hauling, LLC.

The owner-operator relies on the TruckStop Load Board to achieve its goals, improve efficiency and maximize profits.

BOISE, IDAHO, January 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –Owner-operators want the freedom and flexibility to live up to their contracts, so finding a freight board that fits their needs, helps them plan the most efficient routes, and helps them get rates that allow them to be profitable. After 30 years in the cargo business, Wayne Hardy Hardee Hauling LLC knows what works for it and that’s the truckstop load board that it uses to maximize profits and maximize time with the owner’s truck.

“Truckboard is the best. 39 dollars “I’ve never spent – she’s a cash cow,” she said. Wayne Hardy, Hardee Hauling LLC. “The freedom of truck driving and TruckStop’s load board give me the flexibility to set my own hours, choose loads that meet my requirements, and stay close to home.”

In the year In 2019, Wayne opened Hardee Hauling LLC with his wife Lori. Today, the Hardys are doing their one-track work Harrington, D, covering most of the east coast and the surrounding area. With the help of Truckstop Load Board, Wayne is stuck 500 miles from his East Coast home, working only two to three days a week and earning a comfortable wage.

Hardee’s uses the Truckstop Go™ mobile app to find the right loads for the reefer truck on the chosen route, plan routes to maximize profits, and negotiate the price it knows it deserves. The Truckstop Go™ mobile application allows you to make unlimited inspections.

“Riding with Wayne gave me a bird’s eye view from the front seat of the cab, a fun and rewarding experience.” Kendra Tucker, CEO, Truckstop. “Wayne shared that Truckstop is the tool that drives his business, so being able to see firsthand how our technology can help him was invaluable.”

He is also able to pre-empt multi-trip search to increase his income while working only two days a week. With this cargo board’s travel planning feature, Wayne can eliminate dead heads, which is the key to earning more money every time he goes out. It can also look at truck traffic at its origin and destination to see the ratio of freight in their area and determine the most profitable time to hit the road.

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