LaLiga Tech uses big data to help football clubs recover transfer fees for young players

  • LaLiga Tech is the technology division of the Spanish soccer league.
  • FIFA rules mean clubs are entitled to compensation for training young players.
  • Clubs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Portugal could receive a fee worth €117m.

LaLiga Tech has expanded its sports software with ‘Transfer Tracker’, a new service that allows football clubs to identify and pay compensation for transfers of players developed during their youth.

Under FIFA’s rules, clubs are entitled to up to five percent of future transfer fees for players they help train. If the player attends multiple academies, this fellowship fee will be shared proportionately.

However, in a global soccer market, tracking player activity can be challenging. Transfer Tracker hopes to simplify the process by allowing any club to submit a request for information about a player.

Once submitted, Transfer Tracker uses expert researchers and big data analytics to determine which transactions are eligible for reimbursement and takes action to secure payment.

Spanish soccer’s top-flight technology division developed the platform with Sevilla FC, tracking the movements of 700 players in 53 countries over the past two years and recovering €1 million ($1.1 million) so far.

Marcos González, Value Proposition Manager at LaLiga Tech, said: “There are world-class academies that are producing and exporting great football talent but are not receiving the compensation they deserve.

“We created Transfer Tracker to help clubs of all sizes find and earn this extra income without having to invest their own time and resources.

“With the powerful data analytics tools we have developed with Sevilla FC, we offer the fastest possible way to negotiate the claims process and turn more resources into the football ecosystem.

The LaLiga Tech platform is expected to be particularly useful for clubs that are traditional exporters or sellers of players and has been working with clubs from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Portugal in the past few weeks.

He believes these clubs alone could be paid in 537 transfers worth a total of €117 million (US$124m).

“The industry has lost an opportunity to find a new source of income that rewards the knowledge and methods of coaching,” said Sevilla FC chief executive José María Cruz.

“It is a silent drama that has been suffered by most clubs and disproportionately affects the clubs with the most wealth.

“We are proud to introduce this innovation together with LaLiga Tech to tackle this competitive problem and improve the system in favor of buying clubs rather than form clubs.” At Sevilla FC we believe in technology development as a tool to improve both sporting and institutional competitiveness.

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