Raven Advances Cutting-Edge Precision and Autonomous Ag Tech with Two Raven Autonomy™ Product Launches

SIOUX FALLS, SD–(Business Wire–Raven Industries at the CNH Industrial Tech Day event in Phoenix, Ariz. On December 7, 2022, they released two new autonomous farming solutions: the Driverless Farming Solution and the Driver Assisted Harvesting Solution. These solutions expand on the brand’s existing Raven Autonomy portfolio to provide additional support across multiple cash crop production cycles, making future autonomous solutions more accessible to customers across multiple seasons.

These two solutions are the latest advancements in Raven’s Path to Autonomy customer journey, which empowers customers to pursue greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability while increasing levels of farm automation. Combined with CNH Industrial’s customer-centric product development, Raven continues to create solutions that help customers envision and develop full autonomy in their operations.

“As our customers face ever-increasing costs, labor constraints, shrinking land availability and shrinking operating windows, our mission continues to drive us to develop autonomous solutions that help address those challenges,” said Eric Shuman, General Manager, Raven Industries. “The advancements of the Driverless Farming Solution and Driver Assisted Harvesting Solution ensure that we are extending these autonomous capabilities throughout the cash crop cycle, helping farmers achieve greater efficiency and cost effectiveness throughout the season.”

Driverless farming

The Raven Autonomy™ driverless harvester solution combines with Case IH tractor and farm platforms to deliver a proven customer value proposition, giving farmers greater productivity by providing richer data insights into their farming operations. Users will be able to plan and execute accurate farming operations by accurately predicting farming results. The Raven Autonomy™ technology stack enables farmers to reallocate labor resources to increase operational efficiency.

The driverless plow solution delivers advanced soil management results with vehicle automation and object recognition capabilities. The system leverages industry-leading Case IH Farm Automation to provide full application control, seed bed sensing and farm ordering capabilities to optimize soil quality. This results in more consistent agricultural results with more robust data reporting.

Driver assistance solution

The Raven Autonomy™ Driver Assist Harvest Solution gives grain cart operators of all skill levels the tools to drive with confidence. The technology stack uses the market’s most accurate GPS signal to synchronize the tractor’s path and speed during “unloading on the go”. This misalignment or imperfect unloading coordination reduces grain spillage and reduces operator stress. Finally, the Driver Assist Harvest solution simplifies the complexity of the harvest process, giving operators peace of mind with the push of two buttons.

The Driver Assistance Harvest solution is the first of many driver assistance solutions that Raven is developing. Raven’s Driver Assist technology goes beyond precision, giving operators full autonomy capabilities with the push of a button. The comprehensive solution ensures that all settings are handled automatically, including incentives, guidance and action controls. Driver assistance technology allows anyone to operate like a professional in control.

Customer-centric autonomous development

Raven Autonomy™ driver-assisted production and driverless tillage solutions join the Case IH Trident™ 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy™ as the latest product launch in the autonomous development pipeline. Raven continues to integrate with CNH Industrial to automate the cash crop cycle over the long term and drive value across all stages and seasons.

“CNH Industrial Autonomy allows us to develop quickly and across multiple platforms. We need to find the teams, technology and platforms needed to accelerate this development,” said John Preheim, vice president of product development at Raven Industries. “Collaborating in a customer-focused organization with global reach allows us to provide autonomous solutions that address global agricultural challenges in the long term.”

These products were first introduced as part of the CNH Industrial Tech Day event held on December 7 and 8, 2022. Visit the CNH Industrial Tech Day website to view the presentations and learn more about the solutions presented.

About Raven Industries, Inc.

Committed to advancing agriculture through technology and innovation, Raven Industries provides innovative, high-value products and systems that help farmers serve the world. For decades, Raven has been committed to increasing operational efficiency for manufacturers. Today, the revolutionary work in autonomous systems is opening up new opportunities in agriculture – driving tractors into the field, wirelessly connecting the office and cab, and protecting the environment with controlled results. Raven is part of CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), a world-class equipment and service company focused on agriculture and construction.

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